Presto Pressure Canner for Now and Post Apocalypse Canning and Preserving

A Presto Pressure Canner is a great way to ensure you have a variety of tastes, as it’s very important to have various types of food stocked in your survival shelter. If you just have dried jerky for example, you may get pretty tired of chawing on that leather-tough meat. If you have a canner, you will have one more way of eating meat; it’s still meat but it does taste different. Not only that, but you can pressure can all types of meat, whereas you can only make jerky out of certain types of meat.

Why Canning?

There are a number of reasons to can food. Besides having fresh water, food is the number one thing that has to be stored in abundance in your survival shelter. Canning with the Presto Pressure Canner is a great way to do this.

  • Your health is a great reason. BPA is on the rise in commercial foods, but if you can your own you can be certain it is free from harmful BPA.
  • Canning is eco- friendly. You can reuse the jars from caning and you virtually eliminate all the packaging that comes with most all store bought foods. You also reduce emissions that are spewed from trucks that are hauling our foods all over the country.
  • There is a big cost savings. If you can your own produce you can buy when it’s in season and it’s cheapest. When it’s out of season you don’t buy. Instead you use the produce you canned.
  • When you can your own food yourself it gives you a great sense of personal pride and satisfaction. You are taking care of you and your family and not completely relying on someone else.
  • It’s a matter of taste. Nothing that has been trucked halfway around the country or world is going to taste better than something you grew locally and canned yourself.
  • It’s the way to live off the land. You still have to eat in the dead of winter and canning your own fruits and vegetables is one way to do that.

The Presto Pressure Canner

National Canner has been making pressure canners for over 50 years. Presto makes their pressure canners from high quality aluminum for pressure canning things like meats, vegetables, and fruits. Pressure canning is the only approved method by the U.S.D.A. for canning foods that are low in acid.

Presto Canning Products

There are a number of different companies making pressure canners. Here are some choices offered by National Presto.

  • 16 Quart Presto Canner: The Presto pressure canner is made from warp-resistant, high quality aluminum and is perfect for canning fruits, jams, jellies, vegetables, salsas, pickles, and more. Your Presto canner comes with an easy-to-read gauge that automatically registers a complete range of processing temperatures. The air vent/cover lock allows pressure to start building up only when the lid has been properly closed, eliminating possible accidents.
  • Presto Pressure Canning Kits: Presto’s kits are perfect for the beginning canner or the seasoned pro. Each kit includes your choice of a 16 or a 23 quart pressure canner. You will also receive the Ball Blue Book, in addition to the Presto 7 function canning kit. The Ball Blue Book is your guide to home canning, dehydrating, and freezing. This book takes you from the basics to the advanced techniques. The 7 function canning kit is a 6 piece accessory set which has handy tools to help with canning. It includes a digital timer, a canning funnel, a bubble remover, a lid and jar lifter, a jar wrench, and a set of kitchen tongs.

You are What You Eat

Few people really take the time to read labels on food before buying. If you do, do you really know what all those things are? Are you really going to put it back on the shelf and try to find the same thing without the objectionable contents? When you can your own food you know what you’re eating.

As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. Don’t stock your survival shelter with garbage. One of the best ways to prepare food for your shelter is by canning with a pressure canner like the affordable Presto Pressure Canner.

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