Portable Water Filtration: Katadyn, Seychelle and SureAqua Water Filters

Portable water filtration systems are great for camping and hiking but they are a lifesaver in emergencies. Whether you are in the wilderness with a stagnant water source or in the city with a contaminated water supply, you must have drinkable water.

Portable filtration systems can be as small and personal as straws or as large as the 20 liter SureAquaJerrycan, which is lightweight when empty. Filtration systems can provide water for each individual or provide a supply for many.

When choosing a water filtration system, you should consider what features are relevant and important to you such as:

  • Reusable product - Emergency responders during Hurricane Katrina used a quick water-purifying product that they had to continue to replace to purify the water. For a long-term need, a filter that you can clean and use again is a better choice.
  • Volume of water processed - Reusable filters can process 100 gallons or 379 liters of water or more before you need to replace them.
  • Speed of water purification - One liter or quart per minute is an acceptable, average rate.
  • Removal of bacteria - Filters that remove bacteria are generally sufficient for water in wilderness areas.
  • Removal of virus - You need a filter that can remove viral contaminants if the water source may contain sewage.
  • Removal of radiological materials - In the event of radiological contamination such as occurred in Japan after the 2011 tsunami, you would need this type of filter
  • Removal of chemicals and heavy metals - You don't have to be near chemical plants for exposure, pesticides also can pollute your water sources.

Depending on the features important to you, you will find a variety of products in various sizes to meet your water filtering needs.

Backcountry Edge

Backcountry Edge supplies a variety of products for filtering water, which includes:

  • Platypus GravityWorks
  • MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter
  • Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter Bottle

These products remove bacteria from the water supply but not viruses or other contaminants.


SureAqua manufactures various products as portable water filtration systems such as:

  • SureAquaJerrycan
  • SureAquaBottle
  • SureAquaStaw
  • SureAquaPak

A number of countries have tested these products, and these systems remove more than 99% of bacteria and viruses. They do not protect against chemical, radiological and heavy metal contamination and they are not for use with stagnant or salt water.


Survival-Goods has a variety of portable water filtration systems. It offers the Life Pack Emergency Water Filter, which is a system for short-term emergency situations. You add your contaminated water into the red port, add the syrup and then the water is drawn into the inner packet where you empty it into a drinking container.

The Katadyn Vario Microfilter Unit is a complex unit with a ceramic pre-filter, carbon and glass-fiber cartridge. It can produce up to two liters per minute if the pre-filter is not necessary and you simply use the "Faster Flow" setting to bypass the pre-filter. It has a hose for filling bottles and it can screw onto most sports bottles.

Seychelle Portable Water Filtration

Seychelle products can remove nearly all contaminants from water and is the first to develop a filter to remove radioactive toxins. The radiological filter removes chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals and radiological pollutants. It comes in a 28 ounce flip top bottle, a water pitcher and the drinking straw.

You can use chemicals such as iodine to treat water to make it safe for drinking but that affects the taste and sometimes the chemicals have bad effects on people with medical conditions. Old-fashioned boiling water takes a lot of time and it does not remove all contaminants. The portable water filtration systems often can remove the impurities without chemicals and continue to quickly provide a source of drinking water for the user.

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