Pocket Holsters

When it comes to carrying a concealed firearm, pocket holsters are among the most popular options, and for a good reason. It’s just about the fastest, easiest way to bring a firearm out and aimed at your assailant. Like anything it does take practice and when at the range next time don’t spend all your time trying to hit the target. If you can’t get your gun out fast enough, you may not even have to even worry about missing your target.

The Quick Draw

First things first. Always keep your firearm in the same place. In a firefight you will not have time to think about which pocket or holster your gun is in this time. If you are using pocket holsters either keep it in your cargo pants leg pocket or your front pocket and leave it there. You don’t want any confusion when you’re trying to save your life.

Drawing from your front pocket is the fastest place to draw from. You need to get used to how to position your hand as it goes in your pocket, and the grip required to get it out without dropping it or not having your gun in the right grip to immediately fire.

How the hand enters the pocket and how you grip your gun is vitally important. The thinner you can make your hand and still get your gun out is important. Having your thumb on top of the gun makes sure the hammer doesn’t snag and gives your hand a flatter profile.

Grabbing your gun with your thumb around the grip is a little like trying to pull your hand out of your pocket when it’s making a fist. As the gun leaves your pocket then your thumb wraps around for your shooting grip. To be able to draw and fire from your pocket holsters quickly every time is going to take some doing so practice, practice, practice….


Good pocket holsters are able to easily conceal the fact you’re carrying a gun and still be comfortable to wear all day long if necessary. A good holster will hold your firearm securely and cover your gun’s trigger so there’s no chance of an accidental discharge. A good holster will keep your gun securely in your pocket and will not rotate so it’s pointing at your head at some point during the course of carrying it.

You’ll also want a design that enables you to draw from quickly without getting snagged and it cannot come out with your gun when you’re drawing it out. The last thing you want is for the gun, holster and all to come out as one piece.

It should also be easy. You shouldn’t have to perform a complex twelve step maneuver just to get your gun out. Having said that, you should expect to have to do some practicing to be able to draw and present rapidly.


Leather holsters seem to be the most popular choice for just about any holster. Leather holsters offer the most choices when it comes to custom made holsters for specific weapons, as well as the most different concealment holster options as well as out in the open options. Other newer materials are rapidly catching up.

Now many holsters are made from materials like Kydex, ballistic nylon, carbon fiber, and different plastics are all available and all have their strengths and weaknesses. The right material is important so do your research before you buy.

Practice First

Before you venture out in public with your new pocket holsters you might want to practice wearing it around the house for a while until you get used to it being there. In the beginning you may have a tendency to fiddle with it and that will get you noticed fast. The more normal or natural it feels the easier it will be for you to put it there and just forget about it until you need it. Remember, you should be the only one who knows it’s there.

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