Office Survival Kit: One Day One Person or Multi Person Survival Kits

Keeping office survival kits in your work place is an important step in your emergency preparedness. None of us know when disaster will strike. If an emergency occurs during one of the 40 hours you work each week, being prepared could be essential to your safety.

We may not like to think about what would happen if disaster hits at the office, but it should be considered by anyone managing or working in an office. Stocked with essential items like food, water, disinfectant, and first aid, an emergency kit can save lives when time is precious.

All of our office survival kits follow government agency and non-profit organizations safety guidelines and were designed from the advice of emergency preparedness experts.

One-Person Kits

One-person kits are perfect for your personal safety. Kits range in price, so no matter what your financial situation is, you can afford to be prepared.

  • 1 Day Box Survival Kit – Very basic survival kit comes with water, food, and emergency blanket for one day.
  • Fanny Pack Kit – Strap it on and go with food, water, first aid, AM/FM Radio, and other emergency supplies.
  • Survival Pal – All of your emergency preparedness necessities packed neatly into a waterproof cooler bag.  Perfect size to keep in the office.
  • 1 Person Elite Survival Kit – Deluxe hiking backpack comes with 11 pounds of safety preparedness. All of the basic necessities and more including 50 feet of rope, emergency survival sleeping bag, and 2-person tube tent.   
  • 1 Person Guardian Preparedness Package – Package comes with three kits to keep at home, in the car, and in the office so you’ll be prepared no matter where you are.

Group Office Survival Kit

Group survival kits allow you to keep yourself prepared, and you'll also be prepared to aid co-workers and others who may need your help in a survival situation with food, water, medical and other vital supplies.

  • Guardian Deluxe 2 Person Kit – Backpack kit has food, water, hygiene care, first aid, and more to support two people during an emergency.
  • 4 Person Deluxe Survival Kit – Safety essentials packed into a wheel bag with extra space for your own items. Includes food, water, sleeping bags, hygiene kits, and more.
  • 5 Person Deluxe Home and Office Survival Kit – Rest assured with food, water, and other emergency necessities packed in a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid, you'll be ok for a while should disaster strike.

Management Prepares

As a boss or team leader, the safety of your office is an important responsibility. Work survival kits give you peace of mind, knowing all of your employees are prepared against possible emergency.

  • 20-Person Deluxe Office Emergency Kit – This is the perfect solution for office safety. Comes in sizes for 10 or 20 persons. Includes all basic emergency necessities, 2 port-a-potties, tarp, work gloves, and more.
  • Team Leader/Floor Warden Emergency Kit – Keeping order and getting help make all the difference in an emergency. This kit comes with the tools you’ll need to get help to the people you are responsible for. A rolling bag comes with chemical goggles, blow horn, safety vest, pry bar and more to help you and your team get through any emergency situation.
  • 10 Person Deluxe Home and Office Kit – Water, Food, and blankets for ten people as well as 62 pounds of other useful items for hygiene, first aid, etc. Comes packed in a backpack and 2 Port-a-Potties are included in this kit.

In an ideal world, emergencies would all occur within safe distance of medical and emergency personnel, but unfortunately emergency or natural disaster can occur at any place and at unexpected times.

Rather than hope an emergency doesn’t occur while you are working, it is best to make preparation in advance with office survival kits. Whether you must face medical emergency or a natural or man made disaster, these emergency supplies will make all the difference.

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