No Power Kitchen Tools: Non-Electric Manual Food Processing Devices

Owning a good selection of no power kitchen tools is the first step that you'll take on your way to becoming truly self sufficient in a post apocalyptic scenario.

You won't realize just how much you use electricity in your day-to-day cooking until you don't have access to your microwave, blender or food mixer. All of these items are incredibly electricity intensive, which makes them impractical in a survival situation where any power that you generate will be better put towards cooking food, heating, purifying water or providing light.

Electricity Free Devices

Just because you won't have electricity doesn't mean that you can't have access to your usual utensils. With a bit of research you can find no power kitchen tools for just about every purpose, including the following:


It may sound like lots of work, but one of the most useful no power kitchen tools is a hand powered blender. The machine itself looks like a regular blender, but when you remove the front of the machine, a crank handle unfolds.

When you start to turn it, it spins the blade underneath allowing you to blend soups and smoothies to your heart's content. It's naturally much slower than an electric blender but you'll find that younger children enjoy the challenge of making it go as fast as possible.

Food Processor

If you've got a large survival party, you may wonder how you'll survive without a food processor to help you make cakes, dough and chop dozens of vegetables on a daily basis. Fortunately, a hand crank version exists to give you the extra catering power in the kitchen.

The crank this time is in the top and acts in a similar way to a salad spinner, using centrifugal force to create enough rotation to cut up the items in the processor.


Most kitchens will have a hand powered beater hidden somewhere in their drawers and it's a worthy investment to have in a survival scenario. Keeping chickens will be a great way of generating sustainable protein through their eggs and the beater will allow you to mix them up to create a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory.

Other No Power Kitchen Tools

It's not just the non-electric versions of your kitchen power tools that will come in handy. Other useful no power kitchen tools include:

Canning Kits

If you have prepared successfully, you should start generating a large amount of fruit and vegetables a few months after the TEOWAWKI event has occurred. A hand-powered canning kit will allow you to store all of your excess produce for future consumption or trade with other survivors. The kit typically contains a funnel, sterilising brush and lid wrench to make sure that the contents are carefully sealed.

Cherry Stoner

Cherries are plentiful in many locations throughout the US but the stones stop them from being useful for anything other than snacking. A stoner will help you get all of the flesh to turn into jams, cake fillings and smoothies and will run on hand power for hours on end.

Apple Peeler

An apple peeler definitely falls under the luxury section of your kitchen tool kit, but again if you're catering for large numbers of people, it will save you a lot of time and effort if you're stewing the apples for sauces or preserves.

The number and quality of the no power kitchen tools that you choose will be dictated by the amount of money in your utensils budget and by the space available to you in your bug out bags. Each of the hand-crank power tools will take up the same space as their electric counterparts so you may want to split the load between the rest of your survival party and try to take some of the larger items out to your safe place ahead of time.

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