Nesco Food Dehydrator: aka the American Harvester Food Dehydrator

The American Harvester/Nesco food dehydrator is one of the best on the market at an affordable price. Made by a reputable company, this product allows you to prepare food in advance and preserve it so you can have healthy snacks on-the-go or sustain yourself during an emergency. The many functional and convenient features on this dehydrator makes it simple to use and reduces the amount of time you need to spend dehydrating foods.

Nesco Food Dehydrator Features

This white dehydrator is lightweight and at only 13.5 inches around, it can easily fit on a small counter space when in use and stored away when you finish. Though the height is the same as the width, this compact product can dehydrate four trays of food at one time.

However, you can purchase an additional eight trays, giving you the ability to dehydrate more product in the same amount of time. This add-on feature of the Nesco food dehydrator avoids the need to prepare a second batch of food and may keep you from purchasing a second dehydrator, should you often use this appliance.

The Nesco dehydrator has a built-in fan on top, a feature that makes clean-up easy, as it is not going to come in contact with dripping juices. The fan blows out 500 watts worth of drying power that combines with high speed, thus allowing foods to dehydrate in hours as opposed to days, a trait common in some other food dehydrators.

Another feature affecting the quality of your dehydrated food is of course temperature, a power that American Harvester puts in your hands. This food dehydrator comes complete with an adjustable thermometer that has a heating range of 95-155º F, giving you the opportunity to dry meat, fruits and vegetables at their ideal temperature, thus making a high quality product.


In addition to its many convenient features, this particular dehydrator also provides you with nutrition packed food using patented technology. American Harvester came up with an outer covering known as Opaque Vita-Save, which prevents nutrient-destroying light from entering the dehydrator, thus preserving most of the foods vitamins and minerals.

American Harvestor also created a means of drying your food in a way that conserves nutrients. Instead of pushing air directly onto the trays of food, the Patented Converga-Flow system makes the air go through a chamber full of pressure from the outside.

This forced air then goes across the food so dehydration is even and fast, a feature that also gives you the convenience of not having to rotate the trays. In essence, this dehydrator acts like a slow cooker-just put the food in, turn it on and set a timer.


If you tried other dehydrators that did not work well or are skeptical about products that seem too good to be true, turn to your fellow consumer. One of the best ways to determine if the Nesco food dehydrator is as good as it sounds, is to simply read some customer reviews, such as the one from a man that went through four other dehydrators before discovering and keeping the Nesco.

If you do not have time to read the consumer reviews, you can quickly check the overall rating, which happens to be five stars for this appliance.

The Nesco food dehydrator makes the process of drying food simple and takes up hardly any of your time so you can prepare other emergency items or just enjoy some rest and relaxation. You may want to shop around to compare prices, shipping options and types of warranties offered by the retailer and manufacturer. Once you make your purchase and put it to good use, you can snack on, sell, save or share your nutritious dried vegetables, fruits or meat.

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