Natural Remedies for Anxiety Include Exercise, Sunlight, and Aromatherapy

The variety of natural remedies for anxiety that exist and the simplicity with which you can obtain them may come as a surprise, especially since most people believe this is a modern ailment. On the contrary, anxiety stems from the time of primitive humans and is the result of having an intense fight or flight reaction. This naturally occurring disorder that comes from a variety of triggers can be temporary, permanent or an occasional visitor.

Run in the Sun

When you think of natural remedies, you probably think of herbs, foods and spices before thinking about exercise and sunshine, though both are natural remedies for anxiety. 

Exercise helps your body break down and release toxins but it also produces happy hormones known as endorphins. By freeing these hormones and sending them to your brain, you naturally make yourself feel better and literally chase your worries away. 

As for the sun, its warm rays and bright light are enough to make most people feel safe and relaxed. The vitamin D your body produces when the sun activates certain biological components is also a contributing, if not the main factor, as to why being in the sun makes you feel better.

Herbal and Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Stop and Smell the Lavender

The light, natural and soothing scent of lavender has a way of clearing the mind and bringing it to a relaxed state. This common flower has a naturally calming aroma, proven to reduce anxiety just by scent, though Germany does have lavender capsules, which have the same qualities as Ativan, also known as Lorazepam, as well as Valium but without the drowsy side effects. 

Scientists consider lavender so effective they call it an anti-inflammatory for the psyche, a reference that implies just how powerful the sweet scent of lavender is as one of the natural remedies for anxiety.

Calming Chamomile 

Tea can be a very relaxing beverage, but chamomile in particular has the ability to calm your nerves. The reason chamomile has this power is because it possesses a specific chemical compound that has the ability to bind to the corresponding brain receptors, thereby creating a similar affect to Valium. 

If you brew the tea using the dried flower and drink it regularly for a couple of months, you receive the best benefits, possibly even preventing the onset of an anxiety attack. As an added bonus, chamomile is safe to drink because it does not have common side effects or negative drug interactions like other natural remedies for anxiety, such as Valerian and hops.

If you do not like chamomile or it is not available to you, green tea is also an option, though you would need to drink a lot of it to get the amount necessary to reduce your anxiety.

Lemon Balm

Scientists have thoroughly studied lemon balm and found that it is quite effective in helping people to calm down and de-stress. They also found that if you take too much of it, as with anti-psychotic drugs, you can actually have the opposite effect and have a more intense anxiety attack or experience them on a more frequent basis.

For this reason, the recommended dose is 600 mg in the form of tea, though if you are stocking up, capsules and tinctures are available.

You can use any or all of these natural remedies for anxiety but remember those that are good only in moderation so you avoid intensifying your feelings or causing other health problems.

If you currently suffer from anxiety, learn how to grow some of the herbs or flowers and stock up on manufactured products so you can control this ailment even when times are difficult. In the mean time, exercise and get as much sun as you can so that your body and mind are in the best shape for surviving a large-scale emergency.

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