Natural Home Remedies: Herbal, Plant and Food Remedies for Ailments

The green movement is leading more and more people to opt for natural home remedies, which is promising in more ways than one. Aside from the fact that current medicines, treatments and cures are synthetic, come with side effects and can cause additional problems, these man-made drugs are also useless in the event of a true emergency. 

If you need to get out of dodge and all hell breaks loose, you are not going to be able to access or recreate lab-made medicines, which is precisely why learning about nature’s cures now is a good idea.

Live Like an Egyptian

The ancient Egyptians, despite credit given to the ancient Greeks, were the true founders of modern medicine and they cured, treated, diagnosed and healed without any commercially manufactured devices or substances which means, you can too. If you do a simple search, you are going to find hundreds of books filled with thousands of remedies to cure and treat every ailment currently known to human beings. 

If you spend enough time and do research, you can determine which of these remedies work, how to access or grow them, those that are the most important to have and those of which you need to have in large supply, like honey, coriander, garlic and onions. 

Natural Home Remedies Folklore

Folk Medicine,
Plant Lore, And
Healing Plants

Maybe you do not know much about the ancient Egyptians or maybe you do not care for their hocus pocus, but their remedies, along with those of other ancient civilizations, are the basis for American folk remedies.

Although you may like to think of modern medicine as modern, it really is not, as advancements and discoveries only go back a little over a hundred years but before that, people turned to the natural home remedies they learned through folklore. The reason these remedial rumors lasted so long is because they are not mythical but true, at least in some regard.

For instance, many say alcohol gets rid of the common cold but science states this is not true and yet, it is not entirely false. Alcohol, in various forms, does kill a variety of pathogens and works to disinfect countertops, is a key ingredient in hand sanitizers, cleans wounds, destroys fungus, is a sedative and does alleviate symptoms. 

In some cases, evidence does support that alcohol, in various forms, can prevent the onset of certain illnesses, such as colds, heart disease and possibly even cancer. So, should you ever find yourself in survival mode, while it is best to do your research first and rely on natural home remedies that do work, do not discount alcohol, as it can save a limb from gangrene.

Mental Health

During times of high stress, hopelessness, despair, fear and chaos, you or others around you may experience various forms of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks, all of which you need to get under control. While trying to survive in the middle of nowhere, it would benefit you to know about and possibly carry some natural home remedies to treat these types of conditions. 

If you are lucky, you could get away with packing a good supply of seeds to grow the herbs and then use them, though this does have the disadvantage of taking time and the climate may not be in your favor. Still, if you are preparing for the worst, you should prepare for everything.

Natural home remedies provide a great alternative to modern medicine, especially when you are living like a nomad in uncivilized times. If you can prepare for the worst, your family and group are going to benefit, making your odds of survival higher. In the meantime, you might want to convince others to join your preparation crusade, as you alone cannot save the world; nor should you have to carry such a burden.

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