Mirro Pressure Canner: A Quality Pressure Canner for Preserving Food

The Mirro Pressure Canner is an important part of any survival plan. In most any post-apocalyptic scenario, your ability to run to the store to purchase food is going to be seriously hampered if not stopped all together. You’re going to have to be self-reliant and canning your own fruits, vegetables, jams and jellies, and meats is going to be essential.

Why not Freeze It?

You might be tempted to freeze more food and can less, but there are some very compelling reasons to can instead. Most people need their freezers to store meat and don’t have room for fruits and vegetables. If you’re forced to flee to your survival shelter you will probably not have a running freezer.

If you do have a small one it may not last long. You’ll need that for meat. Most of your food in the shelter is going to have to be canned or dried or in some form of "ready meal" to eat preserved food that can last for months until you are ready to eat it. If you have some kind of generator it probably won’t keep a large freezer running for an extended period of time.

Canning Gives You Variety

No one wants to eat the same food, prepared the same way day in and day out. If you are forced to live in a survival shelter for an extended period of time you’re going to get tired of dried peaches for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert. Once you master canning it will give you another low-cost way to eat your favorite meats, fruits and vegetables. If you can come up with three or four different ways to preserve your favorite foods at least that part of your post-apocalyptic life will be that much more endurable.

The Mirro Pressure Canner

When it comes to your home canning needs the Mirro Pressure Canner is the perfect canning system for you and your family. They offer two sizes, the 16 quart and the 22 quart pressure canner.

  • Mirro 16-Quart Pressure Canner: This is a nice little pressure canner with all the features you need. It comes with 5,10, and 15 psi pressure controls, a pressure monitoring gauge, an over pressure gasket release window, and an over pressure valve. It also features locking handles, aluminum construction, a cooking/canning rack, and an instruction manual and recipe book.
  • Mirro Pressure 22 quart canner: For those big jobs, Mirro has a 22 quart canner with the same great features as their smaller canner. This comes with the 3 pressure controls; 5, 10, and 15psi pressure controls. It has an over pressure gasket release window and monitoring gauge. For safety your Mirro Pressure Canner comes with an over pressure release valve and locking handles. This is made from the same durable aluminum materials, and comes with an oven rack, instruction manual, and a recipe book.

Times Have Changed

Pre 1970’s pressure canners were large thick kettles with large clamp-on lids. They were fitted with a ventilation pipe covered with a lid or counterweight, a dial gauge and a safety fuse. They’re a far cry from today’s canners like the Mirro Pressure Canner which is much easier to monitor, control and use.

Start canning now, and not when you start feeling like an economic collapse, food shortage or other disaster is going to happen. Since a lot of what you will be canning is fruits and vegetables you will have to wait till they are in season. For that reason you might have to do your canning over several seasons; especially if you are stocking a survival shelter for a long period of time and for a sizeable family. Mirro’s 22 quart canners are perfect for canning in volume.

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