Marksman Slingshot - Most Accurate Hunting Slingshot

The Marksman slingshot prides itself on being the right balance between price and power and one of the more accurate slingshots on the market. The smallest and cheapest version costs under $10 and even the more technical models with alloy frames and soft grips will set you back no more than $30 from most online retailers. The rubber bands will fire missiles up to the size of a ball bearing accurately over 50 yards with enough force to stun and kill most small game.

Why Own A Slingshot?

Owning any sort of slingshot in the case of a TEOTWAWKI event could save your life as it's unlikely that traditional firearms, with their electronic firing mechanisms, will still work or will last for more than a few months without the right maintenance equipment. A slingshot only needs replacement rubber and a steady supply of small hard missiles.

Why Choose a Marksman Slingshot?

The Marksman slingshot brand pitches itself at both competitive and hobby hunters and most people find that the price range allows them to get into the world of slingshot hunting to see if it's something that they are good at. Other reasons to choose a slingshot by Marksman include:

  • Hyper-velocity bands - the traditional bands that come with a Marksman slingshot are approximately half an inch in thickness, but you can upgrade these to the hyper velocity band which can give you up to 30% faster speeds over the same distance. A faster speed means that the impact of the missile will be greater, which will help if you're tracking down larger prey like deer or wild pigs which will need more power to kill.
  • Replacement parts easy to fit - the unique suction attachment of the band to the metal frames means that on the one hand you'll never pull the band so hard that it comes flying off backwards, while on the other hand, a simple twist and turn and you can replace the rubber band in under 30 seconds. You should aim to replace the band after every 200 firings to make sure that your slingshot is operating at maximum performance.
  • Hunting rests - while you'll normally carry the slingshot in one hand, leaving you ready to fire at will, this can sometimes make your shooting a little inaccurate. The hunting rests that come with the higher end Marksman models allow you to balance the slingshot on a flat surface and pick your target carefully. This will be especially useful if you've managed to find a good game trail or watering hole where the animals pass by on a regular basis.


Getting the right ammo will help your slingshot practice in the beginning. The cheapness of the Marksman range means that you'll be able to get a slingshot, spare bands and several hundred rounds of ball bearings for under $50. The most common type is the 1/4 inch steel ammo which will fit the smaller bands. If you're looking for something a little more substantial, try the .30 calibre plated steel shot that will pierce skin and bone on most of the prey that you'll be trying to hunt.

When you first get your Marksman slingshot, you should order a few extra packs of ammunition to give yourself time to practice your shooting. Start relatively near to a simple target and set yourself goals about how many times you need to hit before taking a few steps back. You should also start investigating the size of stones that you could use when the ammo runs out.

Above all, you should make sure that anyone in your survival party who will have a responsibility for gathering food also has time to practice with the weapon or buys one for themselves.

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