Long Term Storage Food: Dried Beans, Rice, Whey Milk and Other Emergency Foods

Long term storage food has a very long shelf life and is often sold in bulk quantities to provide you and your family with sustenance in the event of an emergency. These food items tend to come in weatherproof containers designed for stacking, which makes storage simple and saves space. Many of these products are also all natural and quick to make, a feature that has some people using this type of food on a frequent, non-emergency basis.

More for Less

For almost two whole months, you can get enough food to serve five people one meal at a price less than what most families of four spend on food in one week. You can have hearty pastas, savory soups or brown sugar oatmeal with a splash of whey milk, as each item offers 25-50 servings when purchased as the bulk Food Supply Kit.

This long term storage food kit has a total of 275 servings divided among 55 pouches of nutritional items made with no unhealthy ingredients, such as MSG, hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Instead, the food in this kit is full of protein and vitamins, as well as carbohydrates and salt but only because the intent is to sustain you during times when food is not available and you need to ration your supply. Low in calories, one meal a day would not provide the sufficient nourishment your body needs but again, if you could only eat one of these meals in a 24-hour period, it would sustain the overall health of your body.

Magic Beans

Pinto beans are not going to give you a magic beanstalk to help you escape whatever emergency you are facing but they do provide your body with the extra calories it needs to function every day. At 360 calories per serving, this long term storage food is sure to give you energy, almost an entire day’s worth of fiber, which keeps you full longer, and helps prevent your body from slowing down.

In addition to energy, these pinto beans have a ton of protein and high amounts of iron and calcium, the latter of which is vital to the health of your bones and muscles. Other necessary nutrients are also in these fast-cooking pinto beans, each with eight servings per package for a total of 64 in the long term storage food kit, which has a 20 year shelf life when properly stored.

Long Term Storage Food Basics

One of the cheapest, most filling carbohydrates that people purchase in a variety of flavors or grains is rice so it is not surprising that this every day staple is also a food recommended during disastrous situations. This particular bucket of rice carries 112 servings, further subdivided into 14 pouches of eight, just in case you have company or consume large portions of food. Low in just about everything, rice has nutrients different from those found in the pinto beans, making these two items ideal for pairing.

Consuming all of this food is likely to make you quite thirsty and if you do not have clean drinking water, a good alternative is whey milk. A bucket of 50 pouches, each with five servings, is a good way to help you maintain your calcium levels while also adding variety and taste to your meals.

Investing in long term food storage is not a bad idea, as you receive a lot more for your money than you do grocery shopping once a week. The quick, convenient, nutrition-packed foods might even be worth trying as a meal to use when you do not have the time to cook or on camping trips. If you do not use the kits in 19.5 years, you can skip grocery shopping for a month or two and live off the instant meals so they do not go to waste.

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