Long Term Storage Dairy

Providing calcium and vitamin D and A, long term storage dairy products are available to provide you and your family with your nutritional needs. With a shelf life of 25 years or more, these products are great to add to your disaster preparedness kit. The United States Department of Agriculture defines dairy as fluid milk and food made from milk that keeps its calcium content.


Provident Pantry offers a case of fat free milk in six #10 cans that cost about $110 or for about $250, you can purchase the Provident Pantry super supply of 18 #10 cans of dry milk. MyChoice offers a smaller 10-ounce container of instant fortified milk for about $5. Reviews of these products claim this powdered milk is as fresh tasting as what you can buy in the grocery store.

The Provident Pantry Superpail is 29 pounds of instant non-fat milk, which provides about 598 one-cup servings costing from $120 to $160, depending whether it is on sale or not. Provident Pantry also has a 21-pound pail for about $95.

The Superpail container is stackable as well as its made from food grade plastic. It has a liner to keep out mold and pests and it comes with an oxygen absorber. You can use the empty bucket for other various purposes, such as to store grains or carry water.

You are not limited to plain milk for your long term storage dairy products, as you can buy freeze dried buttermilk, which will add flavor to your soups, baked goods or as a treat by itself. For under $20, you can buy a 64-ounce can of Provident Pantry Buttermilk Powder, but if you want smaller amounts, MyChoice offers buttermilk powder in a 19-ounce package for under $7.


Cheese is a multi-purpose dairy food that is as good in recipes as it is to eat by itself. Costing about $19, Saratoga Farms has a #10 can of cheese blend that you can add to recipes for cheesy casseroles, macaroni and cheese or even sprinkled on popcorn.

Provident Pantry offers these shredded freeze-dried cheeses separately or in combo packs of #10 cans for your long term storage dairy needs:

  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Monterey Jack
  • Cheddar
  • Colby

MyChoice offers smaller portions of freeze-dried cheese, such as the 17-ounce cheese blend, 9 ounce Monterey Jack and 10-ounce freeze-dried cheddar.

Mountain House offers freeze-dried cottage cheese in a 17-ounce can for about $63. For less than a dollar, MRE offers single serve cheese spread such as plain cheddar, bacon cheddar and jalapeno cheddar cheese spread.

As an alternative to powdered cheese, you can buy Bega canned, processed cheese that is ready to eat once the can is opened. It costs about $4 a can and reviewers rate it highly for flavor and encourage you to put the lightweight can in your bug out bags as well as store a supply in your survival shelters.


Yogurt as a long term storage dairy product is usually sold in snack form as yogurt covered fruit. Ranging from 3.75 ounce to 17-ounce packages, you can select the size of package to provide you and your family a healthy dairy snack or breakfast treat.

Why Extended Storage Dairy

Provident Pantry, MyChoice and other brands provide freeze dried, canned and dehydrated dairy products to meet your needs when:

  • RV traveling
  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Stockpiling supplies for emergencies

If you are limited in land (acreage) or having livestock is not an option, long term storage dairy products will meet your dietary needs. Dairy offers valuable nutrients for you and your children and these freeze dried products provide a quality and tasteful way to eat normally, and provide calcium to your body.

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