Long Term Storage Baking Ingredients

When you're prepping, long term storage baking ingredients (aka LTS baking ingredients) should be high on your agenda. Baked goods will not only give you and your survival party a little taste of home, but they will also keep longer than fresh food and offer more opportunities to get more calories for relatively little food weight.

It's unlikely that you'll be in a position where you'll be able to produce your own grains within the first year of the apocalyptic event so having some long-term storage options will allow you to stock pile ahead of time.

Common Ingredients

Choosing the right combination of long term storage baking ingredients will be dictated by your budget, storage space and cooking preferences. However, you have some of the following common long term storage baking ingredients in your pantry ready to use:


It can be relatively easy to make a steady supply of flour from grains, berries and nuts, but finding something that can bind the dry goods together to make baked goods will be difficult. Surprisingly, you can buy freeze dried margarine that turns into the real thing when you add water in both salted and unsalted versions. The margarine can then be used as normal and will bind well with eggs and milk to give you the wet part of your favorite baking recipes.


Survival baking is notoriously bland as it can be hard to find non perishable versions of your favorite sweeteners and sugars. Again, you can find long term storage versions of most common flavorings as powders, including buttermilk, peanut butter and cocoa. You can use them as they come and simply stir the powder into the baking mix or add some water to turn them back into their original form to be used as normal.


Yeast is possibly the most important baking ingredient you'll need if you have a large survival party as you'll want to make a lot of bread to give a long term supply of complex carbohydrates. You need to buy it in dried form which will give you a good year or so to use the yeast as you would use it normally. It can also be used to brew beer when you get round to having the correct ingredients in your vegetable patch.

Best Brands

The following are a small sample of the best brands to look out for when you're stocking up on your long term storage baking ingredients:

  • Provident Pantry focuses a lot on powders and mixes to help you with your baking, and also carry a wider range of long term storage food options like grain pails, broths and flavored proteins. You can also find sealed tubs of all sorts of different flours in five pound batches for less than $10 a pop.
  • My Choice products have some of the more unusual long term baking options including packaged honey, powdered vanilla flavoring and powdered shortening. They also carry a range of broths and gravy mixes in cans designed to last longer in a survival situation.

As with all dried food, you should only buy and pack the long term storage baking ingredients that you will definitely use. When you need to get out of Dodge, there's no room for luxury items, especially those that will weigh you down. If you want to buy a bulk order, consider splitting the tubs among your survival party to share the load, and indeed the cost.

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