Kelly Kettles

If your bug out bag is starting to look overcrowded, Kelly Kettles are a great way to economize on space while providing a high level of functionality. Finding a sustainable fuel source is difficult, so most people prefer to stock up on propane bottles or charcoal briquettes for their bug out bags.

These tend to be bulky and will eventually run out, leaving you with a stove with no fuel source. Being able to use fuel that you find on the go will drastically improve your survival chances as well as making it easier to make a base camp each night.

Key Features


One of the most popular brands of portable wood stoves is Kelly Kettles as they combine an effective burning time with a very low price tag. The key features that make buying a Kelly Kettle worthwhile for survival include:

  • Lightweight – Your Kelly Kettle will come made out of either aluminum or stainless steel, both of which are lightweight materials. The typical kettle weighs just under two and a half pounds making it one of the lighter products on the market. It also folds up small, with even the largest range standing at 15 inches when packed together. This makes it ideal for carrying in your day bag for emergencies or for purifying water.
  • Sustainable fuel – You can use just about any dry flammable material in Kelly Kettles meaning that you can use what you find on your travels. The opening is large enough for most twigs and pinecones and the manufacturers even recommend using dried animal manure for extended burn times. You can use charcoal and fire pellets in the kettle as well but it seems like overkill when you can just use the resources in the natural surroundings for fuel.
  • Hidden flame – Some people have a natural concern for revealing their location to others in a survival situation. Highlighting the fact that you have food and fuel may attract unwelcome visitors, both human and animals. The Kelly Kettle’s flame is hidden at the bottom of the kettle out of sight. This shelter also makes it much easier to keep it burning during wet or windy weather.
  • Multi-function – The primary function of a Kelly Kettle is to boil water, whether for purification or drinking purposes. However, with the right accessories, you can also balance a small pan on top to utilize the heat being produced in the water production. The manufacturers’ tests have shown that two ounces of fuel will heat a liter of water in five minutes in the kettle and heat a can of beans in six.


The basic Kelly Kettles come with just the kettle and a drawstring storage bag. This will heat your water quickly and privately but to get the most out of your kettle, you may want to invest in the following accessories:

  • Pot support – This accessory fits on the top of the kettle by clipping into specially designed holes. It will hold a pot of around eight inches in diameter and a maximum weight of two pounds.
  • Grill – This will fit over the top of the pot support and allows you to slow grill meat and vegetables. The heat from the kettle will not be the same as that produced by a barbecue so anticipate longer cooking times.
  • Pot gripper – Unless you have brought a proper cooking pot complete with handles, you will need a pot gripper to remove your food once it is cooked.

Fortunately, you can buy Kelly Kettles bundles, which come with the above accessories. You will be able to find the basic kettle for between $70 and $90, while the accessory bundle will cost anywhere between $90 and $120 depending on which accessories you choose. It is another wise investment in your survival during a catastrophic event.

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