Just Add Water Breakfast

just add water breakfast

A good supply of just add water breakfast foods will give you different ways to feed your survival party on the move as survival living is all about having a variety of options.

The idea behind just add water foods is that you can take them with you wherever you go, which makes them ideal to have stashed in your bug out bag as well as on hand to give to exploration and hunting parties who may be away from your permanent base camp for extended periods of time.

Different Food Types

As with any long-term food options, you should aim to get as many different types of just add water breakfast foods as possible to stop the food from becoming boring or monotonous. Fortunately, with the rise of freeze-dried technology, a surprising number of foods have become available as just add water options:

  • Oatmeal - oatmeal is one of the most popular options as it requires boiling water to make from scratch so little needs to be done to it to turn it into a long-term storage option. Be careful when you buy just add water oatmeal that you get ones intended for camping and wilderness survival as the brands that are aimed at people wanting a quick breakfast on the go won't seal their products as well which reduces the shelf life considerably.
  • Granola - granola is a perfect survival breakfast as it combines many different food groups into one healthy meal. The clusters will give you long burning complex carbohydrates, the nuts will give you protein while the fruit and berries will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you'll need for the morning. The just add water version comes as a powder with dried fruit and the water will reconstitute the clusters and plump up the fruit.
  • Eggs and bacon - as disgusting as reconstituted eggs might sound to begin with, eating freeze-dried eggs and meat will taste the same as it did before the processing. You'll find some brands that have added maple syrup to the equation as well as offering sausage patties as an alternative. The only warning when you're buying these kinds of just add water breakfast foods is that to add only the exact amount of water given as watery eggs will turn even the strongest of stomachs. Yuk!

Best Brands

You'll find a surprisingly large market for just add water breakfast foods when you're making your shopping list, so you should look out for the brands with the best reputation. Mountain House have a wide range of just add water meals for all times of day, but specialize in a wide range of breakfast meals involving eggs and freeze dried meat. 

Wise Foods offer discounts for bulk purchases and often bundle their breakfast packets into grab and go buckets with up to a year's worth of breakfasts in each one. Finally, Provident Pantry is worth looking at if you have a larger party as they sell all of their freeze-dried breakfast options in 55 oz tubs. They also sell larger tubs but you'll have to consider how you will get big bulky weight items out to your intended long-term base camp.

Not all just add water breakfast items are created equal, and not all of them taste as good as the packaging makes out. There is no harm in buying some different options from different brands ahead of time so that you can see which ones you and your survival party likes best. After all, as they are designed for survival living, you can be assured that you'll be getting a healthy and nutritious breakfast that's quick to prepare in the morning. 

Which is another survival chore out of the way- to ready you & your party for a busy day ahead.

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