Insomnia Remedies: Natural, Herbal and Common Sense Sleep Solutions

Insomnia remedies are beneficial in survival situations because if you cannot sleep, you open yourself to danger. A lack of sleep can prevent you from having enough energy to travel, hunt, pick or plant produce and it weakens your immune system, thus leaving you open to disease and infection. Still, getting sleep in times of high stress and fear is not easy, as your adrenaline is constantly pumping while your mind is full of worries and chaos.


In a crisis, you are likely to get a lot of exercise because the situation is probably going to require you to walk. However, this may not be enough to relieve you of your fears and make you exhausted enough to sleep. If possible, you should go jogging or running, preferably with a partner, to help release all the excess adrenaline and relax your mind. Even if exercising does not calm your thoughts, it should at least make you physically tired enough to get some rest and it keeps you in good shape, while also strengthening your immune system.


Over the years, people and scientists found a number of natural insomnia remedies that come from herbs and assist in helping you fall asleep. For instance, a holistic herb used in India to help people sleep is Ashwagandha because it helps to eliminate stress, a common cause of insomnia. In Siberia, studies showed that a native form of ginseng helped to improve mental health, which means you can use this herb not only to sleep better but also to relieve anxiety or depression, as you are likely to encounter one or both of these in a survival situation.

Use Your Senses

Aside from exercise, you can try another means of falling asleep that does not involve consuming a hard to grow or find herb that might not taste so good. Instead, simply stop and smell the roses, lavender, lilacs, cherry blossoms, pine trees or any other intoxicating scent that you find relaxing in your new environment. You might even find the scent and warmth of a fire enough to help you relax, though a trickling stream or the whisper of the wind could also do the trick. The key is to make yourself aware of your environment, focus on your surroundings as opposed to your inability to sleep and you are sure to find that at least one of these insomnia remedies is effective.


Specific teas do help to soothe you, such as chamomile or basil, which has a reputation for being one of the best insomnia remedies. Unlike some teas, such as hops, elderberry and bee balm, it does not make you sleepy but rather, it helps your mind to relax.

In a survival situation, this attribute is important because you want to get enough rest but remain alert and able to move quickly if necessary. If these teas are not available, it does not mean you are out of options, especially if you find yourself in an area full of dandelions or chrysanthemums, which make good teas with various health benefits.

In general, herbal teas tend to have a calming effect that should help you to rest. 

Insomnia Remedies are a Must for Survival

Using these and other natural remedies for insomnia are helpful in a survival situation and most of the time, are safer than and just as effective as synthetic products. You should not feel sluggish, heavy, drowsy or weak and over sleeping is unlikely to be an issue since natural treatments tend to soothe, calm and relax instead of sedate. Still, you should always take these remedies with caution and avoid high doses because too much of anything is never good.

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