Hygiene and Sanitation: Bathing, Dental and Waste Elimination Solutions

Without hygiene and sanitation systems a long-term collapse of the infrastructure can lead very quickly to health issues and even death. Anytime some natural disaster destroys water and sewage managements, diseases like typhoid, dysentery, and cholera quickly make their appearance. Without the ability to clean up, dispose of human waste and have ready access to potable water, the suffering goes up.

Gotta Go

Most people never think about where their poo goes after they flush. We live in such a sanitized world, that with a quick push of a chrome handle, our waste is quickly removed from our sight...and smell. All that's left is the sound of sparkling water flowing back into the water tank.

Unfortunately, in a situation where the water stops flowing...and if the power goes out, water won't be flowing to refill that tank, or out of the faucet to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom...you are going to have to find a way to dispose of your waste in such a way that it doesn't contaminate anything.


Even if the power goes out, it is possible to still have a hot shower. It'll be a bit different, but the water can be hot and you'll get clean, and after all, that's the important thing. Of course, if a shower isn't possible, it's still possible to keep your body bearable.

Clean and Unoffensive

Just because you're in a survival situation where access to regular sanitary facilities is not possible, it doesn't mean you have to be filthy and smelly. In fact, dirty and smelly eventually means unhealthy. So keep yourself clean, and believe me, you'll be much happier.


Don't forget to keep your teeth clean. While chewing a stick will work, it won't give you a minty-fresh mouth and sparkling clean teeth.

Remember, no matter how tough and harrowing the circumstances in which you find yourself surviving, staying healthy means at least trying to stay clean.

Basic cleanliness and sanitation is usually overlooked in favor of self-defense, and getting enough drinking water and food to survive. But if you forget about keeping clean, it’s the bugs that’ll finish you off before you have a chance to make it out of a critical situation.

Hygiene and Sanitation Solutions from Emergency Essentials

Have you ever gone without power for a few days? If the answer is yes, then you know that a hot shower is the first thing to go when you’re conserving water and just trying to make it through until the lights come back on.

What if the lights don’t come back on? What if you’re left without power or running water for a significant amount of time? Emergency Essentials has the solutions that you’ll need for your hygiene and sanitation in a disaster situation.

For a hot shower, whether you’re out on a camping trip, your water heater has gone out, or there’s a real emergency situation, you can purchase a Solar Spray portable shower. It’s a bag made of polyethylene that you set out in the sun.

As the sun’s rays hit the bag, it soaks up their heat and warms the water inside until it’s nearly a 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It even has a spigot, on/off valve, and showerhead so that you can wash up directly from the bag.  

Hygiene isn’t just about washing up, though. There are other, more delicate, matters to attend to, we know. Fortunately, Emergency Essentials has you covered for these, too. They have waste disposal bags, chemical toilets, dental solutions like the Fresh and Go toothbrush, hand sanitizers, wipes, and more.

They even have a full disaster hygiene kit, complete with first aid materials like bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, and iodine, as well as personal care items like a toothbrush, razor, sanitary napkins, soap, and tissues.

Take a look through the hygiene and sanitation supplies that Emergency Essentials offers. You may be surprised at the items and appliances that you take for granted and that you’ll miss very much in the case of a disaster. If you’re prepared, though, you won’t miss them at all.

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