Humless Generator: Emergency Solar Powered Quiet Source of Power

In any survival situation, it’s important to have a power source. A humless generator is a great way to go. No one wants to listen to the rattle and hum that goes with the traditional generators. It’s not just a sound issue either.

In a situation where we have experienced a total economic collapse and the ensuing lawlessness, it’s important to not draw attention to yourself. If you’re not careful, troublemakers will flock to you like moths to a flame. 

If you’ve got power, food, water, and medical supplies you don’t want to advertise it. A generator that can be heard by your neighbors purring along could bring you unwanted attention.

Increasing Demand

The demand for humless technology increases daily. In a mobile world in difficult and uncertain times, humless technology is used for camping generator, emergency power, secondary power, solar portable power, emergency battery power, mountain climbing communications, off the grid power, and much more. If you are stuck in an enclosed space like a survival shelter, you will soon tire of the rattle and hum from a traditional generator. A humless generator is a godsend.

Types of Generators

When it comes to humless generators there are a number of kinds on the market today. The following is a partial list of silent generators.

  • Ecotricity Eco1800S Solar Powered Generator: Made by Ecotricity, this solar powered generator is perfect for powering things like; laptops, printers, cell phones, radios, televisions, alarm systems, coffee makers, and much more. Your Ecotricity silent generator is just the thing for the occasional blackout and other temporary power outages, or for a serious survival situation.
  • The Humless Sentinel: With the Sentinel Generator, you can power things like your washing machine, microwave, laptops, batteries, coffee machines, and just about anything else that requires a power source. The Sentinel has 2 110VAC outlets, 2 12VDC outlets, and 4 USB outlets so you can easily power anything you need without having to buy any adapters or inverters. Provides clean safe energy without gas or other harmful emissions. The Sentinel has a 10 year battery life and a rating of over 2000 charges. The Sentinel battery allows for storage up to a year without using and does not require a charge to get going.
  • Humless Roadrunner: Also made by Sentinel, this mini humless generator for a third the price is still sufficient to run and charge small electronic devices like phones, laptops, lights, and other smaller devices. The Roadrunner is not made for running things like washing machines, wheat grinders, microwaves, etc. The Roadrunner can be charged from an AC wall outlet or it can store energy from solar panels, or a hand crank. This is a portable, clean, safe lithium based generator that only weighs 11 pounds so it’s easy to move about. It is safe enough to use and store in your home, tent, survival shelter, and even in your car.

Why a Humless Generator?

The solar-powered silent generator today is more versatile than ever before. They can run off multiple renewable power sources like AC power in the home, hand cranks, solar, wind turbines, hydroelectric power, and photovoltaics.

They are the clean energy solution for fossil fuels in any emergency situation. They are safe to run in small closed in places like your survival shelter or your car. You don’t have to worry about harmful emissions. It’s much easier to keep a low profile when you’re not spewing out smoke from a gas generator or drawing attention to yourself with a non- silent generator. You can easily get a silent running generator from just under $500 to about $2000. 

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