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Catastrophe and natural disaster can happen at any time – which is why home survival kits  are definitely something worth investing in for your family. Having survival kits stashed away in your home will help make sure that no matter what situation you face, your family will be prepared and have the necessities that they need to weather the circumstances.

What is a Home Survival Kit?

Home survival kits are sets of prepared items that are stored away in your home in preparation for emergency situations. These are most effective and beneficial if you have one put away for each member of your family that contains the basic survival necessities to last for several days. What you put in these kits will vary depending on the situations you are preparing for and the individual needs of your family members.

Can They Be Purchased?

Survival kits for your home can absolutely be purchased in advance. While a number of reputable retail stores both on site and online offer survival kit options, some of the best kit packages and options come through the 1800prepare website.

This amazing site offers some of the most inclusive survival kit sets containing everything you need to get through a variety of emergency situations. Whether you need a simple kit for one or a complex kit for many – you will most definitely find what you need here. Below you will find descriptions of a few options you have and their price ranges.

One Person Deluxe Kit

This kit is perfect for the single person who lives alone to keep in their home or car in case of emergency. The kit contains everything you need to survive comfortably for several days in case of an emergency.

Supplies include small tools, water filtration devices and materials for creating a shelter. The kit also contains a first aid kit to help ensure that you can doctor injuries if they were to occur. This kit also comes in a two person version. You can purchase this item for $55.00.

72 Hour Food Survival Kit

Many of the kits on this site do not contain food, as many people who are preparing tend to create their own emergency food storage. If, however you are interested in purchasing emergency food – 1800prepare offers a three-day food storage kit that will feed several people for up to three days. This option will cost you approximately $179.00.

Family Preparedness Package

If you are a parent or caretaker who is concerned for the safety of your entire household, the family preparedness package may be one of your best options. Similar in style to the one person deluxe kits, the family package contains all of the essentials – just more of them so that you can care for your entire family.

While these home survival kits do not come with food rations – you can also purchase a food survival kit to accompany them if this is something you are concerned about having. A bit pricier than some of the smaller kits – but very well worth the money, this kit is available for $170.00

Deluxe Survival Kit with Long Term Food Storage

If you are looking to purchase a more inclusive survival kit – the deluxe survival kit with long term food storage is the only thing you will need. Costing approximately $240.00 this kit contains several days worth of food for several people as well as all the supplies and tools you will need to weather out a variety of different emergency situations.

Life is unpredictable – and while no one likes to think about worse case scenarios – preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is always the way to go. 1800prepare offers hundreds of product options that will keep your family safe and comfortable regardless of the crisis situation you face or the budget that you have to spend.

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