Home Security Cameras a First Step in Home Protection and Defense

Home security cameras are a common part of protection systems that the average homeowner uses. The wide choice available makes these products affordable on just about any budget. They are great as nanny cams so that parents can keep a watchful eye on their children when they are under the care of someone else. Many also act as motion detectors so that they beef up your security by not only capturing images but also by triggering an alarm.


It is important to know about the different types of home security cameras that are on the market. The most common types on the market are:

  • Pro Box: For great video quality, few cameras can beat their results. They are common in banks and supermarkets but they are not the best for outdoor use since they do not work well in dim lighting. 
  • Infrared: These are good for both inside and outdoors; they are ideal in both high and low light situations.
  • Dome: These can use infrared or other technology making them a good choice for many settings. One of the good things about this type is that it is difficult for anyone to tell which direction it is facing.
  • Hidden: The main advantage of these is that no one will know that you have a surveillance system in place. 
  • Pan tilt zoom: As the name implies, you can move and zoom in to get a better look at something or someone. One of the benefits to using this type is that it can monitor various areas by panning at set intervals.
  • Bullet cameras: these are able to withstand vandalism and can resist bullets, hence the name. 

Tips for Choosing Home Security Cameras

Apart from budget, other factors play a role in the type you will ultimately select. Some of these are:

  • The ability to work in the dark: Not all types will pick up and deliver good quality images or videos at night. If the area has poor lighting, you need to get one that works in these conditions. An infrared type is generally a good choice since they work in varying light conditions. 
  • Whether you will use them outdoors or indoors: If you plan to use them outdoors, make sure that they are suitable for weather variations. In some cases, you may need to get special weatherproof types for external conditions.
  • Depending on how far you want to be able to view, the type of lens will also be a factor in your selection process. 
  • Choose cameras with high resolutions as this will result in better video and image quality. It makes no sense to have videos or pictures of a break-in that you can barely make out. If you are using the more common analog cameras, go for resolutions higher than the standard 420, as the higher the resolution the better. With IP cameras, higher megapixels are preferable; however, most homeowners will not need one of these.

Many home security cameras are now web-enabled so that you can view videos online. This makes them convenient as you can see what is happening even when you are not at home. In fact, aside from computers, they can send videos to your mobile devices such as smartphones. Many are now so simple to set up that by following the instructions, most householders can actually do it themselves. 

These days, having home security cameras is becoming the norm for many residential properties. Not only do they add to your sense of security, they can be a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in or otherwise becoming a nuisance. These devices can monitor your property when you are away on vacation, which makes them ideal additions to any type of security system.

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