Home Defense Shotgun: Why Have a Shotgun for Home Defense

Deciding to buy a home defense shotgun is a freedom all Americans have but it is not one you should take advantage of without carefully considering several factors. You need to weigh the pros and cons not only with regard to the gun, but also yourself and anyone else living in your home. The purchase itself may be small but deciding to own a shotgun with the intent of using it if necessary is one of the biggest decisions you can ever make.


Some people own a gun because they think it is cool or gives them a certain image while others may purchase one because it is a normal standard of living, a rite of passage, within their culture. However, the fact remains that guns kill, whether on purpose or by accident, so you must take this decision seriously.

You have to think about the time and money invested in this purchase to determine whether you can commit to learning the ins and outs of responsible gun ownership.

Responsible Ownership

Prior to buying a home defense shotgun, you need to determine a locked place to store it, which should be separate from the secure location where you keep the ammunition. The shotgun you choose should have a safety and its power needs to match that of the shooter. For instance, it would be unwise to purchase a 12 gauge for a small person with average strength and little to no experience shooting a gun.

Part of being a responsible shotgun owner also involves knowing how to shoot and aim, as it is easier to fire a gun than hit a target. If you have no experience with firearms, you should take the time to go to a local gun range and practice. It is also beneficial if you take along the other members of your household, provided they are old enough, so that they are comfortable, familiar and able to handle a home defense shotgun should the occasion ever arise.

Choosing Your Weapon

After giving much thought to buying a home defense shotgun, you are ready to choose your weapon. If you are practicing at the gun range, it is a good place to ask around, as some of your fellow shooters are probably familiar with the different types of guns.

You could also choose to do some research online, by talking to a gun store employee or by calling up some shotgun manufacturers. The best thing to do is to utilize all of your resources so you can obtain the most information and then make an educated decision.

Benefits of a Home Defense Shotgun

As dangerous as guns are, they also have the benefit of protecting you and your home should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. A shotgun is also beneficial should you ever need to get out of dodge, as it can double as a hunting weapon and the extra protection while traveling or living in a temporary shelter is an advantage to ensuring your survival.

The fact that you can also protect yourself at a distance from an enemy is another benefit since it prevents you from enduring any injuries typical in physical combat.

A home defense shotgun is just another tool to ensure the survival of you and your family. With proper training and common sense precautions, a shotgun, like any other gun, puts you on equal footing with the criminal who has no problem using a gun. Even before the poo hits, the average response time of the police is 16 minutes. That is more than enough time for tragedy to occur if the intruder has a gun and you don’t.

Also remember NEVER point a gun (any gun) at anyone you’re not prepared to shoot at & kill, this isn’t a game of poker. When you need to use a gun, this isn’t a bluff you want called.

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