Holsters for Concealed Carry

The selection of holsters for concealed carry is quite impressive and if you know little to nothing about guns, it is surprising the number of ways you can carry a firearm without anyone knowing you have a weapon.

You can of course hide a piece under your shirt or by your ankle but you also have the option to conceal a weapon by your crotch, though you should probably only select this type of holster if you have a good amount of experience with guns so as to avoid any painful accidents. Aside from location, you also need to weigh other important attributes when selecting a holster that is right for you and your gun.

Choosing a Holster

If you are thinking of purchasing holsters for concealed carry then you should consider a few factors prior to your purchase. First, you need to think about the size of your weapon, as you cannot fully conceal every firearm in the same manner. For instance, you would not attempt to conceal a large pistol the same way you would a revolver, as the latter creates more of a bulge. 

Since a pistol is smaller, you could easily conceal it with a hip holster, preferably one that attaches to or fits inside your pants instead of a belt and molds to the shape of the gun, thereby offering a snug fit. In the case of the revolver, the use of a shoulder holster is advisable so that your body helps to conceal the bulkiness of the firearm, though you do have other options, such as holders that look like notebook covers.

Of course, not all weapons fall into these two categories, as in the case of the handgun, which is smaller than the revolver and pistol. For a weapon this small, you should opt for ankle, crotch, cell phone style, fanny pack or purse holsters for concealed carry, provided you do not foolishly decide to wear tight or fitted pants. 

However, the crotch holster should only be an option if you know how to properly store, lock and use a firearm. You should also bring your firearm with you when shopping for your holster and also to wear the type of clothes you would when carrying your gun.  

Once you determine the type of holster to best conceal your firearm, you can move on to selecting the carrier you want based on function, material, design and price. Manufacturers offer holsters in smooth but hard plastics as well as soft leather, which may be less irritating to your skin and also more giving if you own different pieces that vary slightly in size.

You might also want to look at holsters for concealed carry that have a soft inner lining so that your firearm stays in pristine condition. Additionally, moisture absorption may be another feature that is important to you because it prevents damage to the firearm since sweat can lead to rust or cause the trigger mechanism to stick.

When looking at holsters for concealed carry, consider all of your options and know yourself well enough to know your level of comfort and experience when it comes to firearms, drawing them and shooting. You should also practice taking your gun out of the holster so you can access it quickly and easily in the event you ever need to actually use the gun.

Coats often make it harder to reach for a gun carried in a hip or shoulder holster while pants that are too baggy or too tight can make it difficult to draw your firearm, all of which are situations you do not want to be in if you need to immediately protect yourself or your family. 

Your firearm, your draw and the clothes you wear should all be comfortable, like a favorite pair of slippers.  So when you DO use your gun, it’s almost second nature to you.

Importantly if you go for a specific type of holster and position on your body, stick with it – don’t go for a hip holster if you have been familiar with a shoulder holster for the last 10 yrs. You can guarantee when you’re panicked you’ll reach under your arm for a gun that’s not there, and your assailant now has the upper hand on you.

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