Headache Remedies: Natural Pain Relief that Doesn't Require a Doctor


If you suffer from this common ailment, safe headache remedies make an excellent alternative to using large amounts of over the counter medicines. Over time, using medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen can damage your liver and various other internal systems – so if you suffer from headaches regularly, considering other relief options may be your best choice.

Using Headache Remedies

While most headaches are classified as mild to moderate, many deal with chronic severe headaches on a regular basis. Medications are available to help alleviate the pain however, in many cases a person’s body will develop a tolerance to the medicine and the symptoms will return after only a brief period of time. Using easy, natural headache remedies alongside over the counter and prescribed medications can help alleviate symptoms safely and more effectively.

Stay Hydrated

While many people don’t realize it, a lack of hydration in your system can cause people to be prone to headaches. Experts in this field recommend that a person drink the number of ounces in water that equals half their standing body weight. Also, if you are experiencing a headache, try and stay away from alcoholic beverages as these will further dehydrate the body and most likely exacerbate your symptoms.


Although there are many different causes for headaches, tight, stressed muscles are often the culprit. Having someone give you a deep massage to any tense areas of your body can help alleviate the symptoms of a headache. Try to focus on areas mid-back and above for optimal results.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Many headaches are also known to be the result of inflammation. Using heat and cold as a treatment for headache can be a huge help in dialing down your pain a few notches. It doesn’t matter which you use – go with your own personal preference but keep in mind that it is sometimes more effective to use a combination of both. Try using a hot compress on your forehead or behind your neck for twenty to thirty minutes and then alternate with a cold compress such as a cool cloth or a bag of frozen veggies. Repeat this process until symptoms start to dissipate.


A little known friendly helper in the world of headaches is calcium. If you are experiencing a headache, taking an over the counter calcium supplement or consuming something high in calcium such as pure orange juice will increase blood flow and help relax your muscles – which should help relieve a mild to moderate headache.


While working out while you have a headache may not be the most appealing activity, light physical stress on the body will amplify and increase blood flow to your major organs – including your brain, which will help reduce headache symptoms. Try some yoga or a brief walk to get your blood flowing more efficiently.


It may be that you are experiencing a headache because it is your body’s way of telling you that you have over stressed yourself and you need to take it easy and slow down a bit. Try alleviating your pain through whichever relaxation technique you like best. Some people enjoy a nap, partaking in meditation, aromatherapy or even just some quiet time in a darkened room. Whatever your preference for visiting relaxation station – use it on a regular basis to keep your body calm and help alleviate mild to moderate headaches. 

While the occasional headache is normal – they often are far from pleasant. Over the counter medications are typically helpful in alleviating common aches and pains however, overuse will eventually do damage to the body. Using a few simple headache remedies will likely give your body the extra boost it needs to get you feeling back to normal in no time at all.

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