Handgun Holsters

The right handgun holsters will either make or break you when it comes to your ability to defend yourself against another armed attacker. The wrong holster will snag your gun and make drawing it a struggle, and that’s all you need to end up getting shot.

Drawing your Weapon

When it comes to self-defense with a handgun most people will practice shooting at their local range until they are fairly comfortable with their ability to hit a target, but they completely forget about drawing and presenting the weapon. If you spend all your time learning how to hit your target but no time learning how to rapidly draw it, you’re missing out on one of the most important aspects of self-defense with a handgun.
A proper handgun holster will fit your firearm like a glove, one that comes off easily when the need arises. An improper fit will make you struggle to get your gun out, and if you do get it out in time your hand will not likely be in the right position and you will find yourself having to adjust your weapons position before you fire it.

  • You need to know how much force you need to unsnap your thumb break.
  • How tightly do you have to grip your weapon to get it out?
  • Is your holster canted just right to put your hand in the best optimal position for drawing and firing?

These are all things you need to consider, and questions you have to answer long before you carry that weapon for self-defense. An ill- trained person carrying a gun is far worse than not having a gun in the first place.

Picking the Right Holster

Pick a weapon that suits you first, then take it and get handgun holsters for whatever your needs are. Some of the different holsters available are the following:

  • Pocket Holsters
  • Shoulder Holsters, vertical and horizontal draw
  • Concealable Belt Holster
  • Concealed Carry Paddle Holster
  • Inside the Pants Holster
  • Fanny Pack Holster
  • Leg Holsters
  • Boot Holsters
  • Purse Holsters

This is just a partial list of what is available in terms of handgun holsters made from leather, Kydex, and other materials. All the above holsters come in both right and left hand models.

Upping the Ante

The presence of a gun in a self-defense situation can work for you as well as against you. Drawing a firearm may cause your attacker to use more force than he/she originally planned. Once you present your weapon there’s no going back. You just escalated the fight to the maximum level and if you’re not properly trained you are making a potentially deadly mistake.

An attacker may not draw a gun or knife if he thinks he won’t need it. You presenting a gun guarantees he will use his most deadly choice of weapon as well. It’s far better to be the victim of a fist fight than a gun fight. Before you carry a firearm, get properly trained first.

A Good Holster

The right handgun holster fits your weapon like a glove. If too tight it will delay your presentation of the weapon when you need it most. If you do find your holster is too tight, put your gun in a single plastic bag and put it in the holster overnight.

That should do the trick and loosen it just enough without being so loose that your gun slips around. It should always be in the same position and angle so you don’t have to think about it when you reach for your weapon.

Don’t spend all your time at the range just target shooting. Put that holster to work by practicing your draw and presentation; you’ll be glad you did!

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