Goal Zero Power: Portable Emergency Power Using Solar Technology

Owning any Goal Zero power device will drastically change the way that you'll live in a survival scenario. Many people see survival living as a return to basics and a time to reconnect with nature, but we have become so dependent on electronic devices that we don't realize how different our lives would be if we had to live without them permanently.

Powering Up

Having access to things like a hand held GPS, flashlights and portable refrigerators will make your life more comfortable and will greatly increase the chance of your long term survival. All of these devices require electricity, which is where Goal Zero power devices come in to play.

They are all based on the latest solar panel technology, but rather than requiring enormous panels, Goal Zero power units can come as small as a modern smartphone and are designed to last in a survival situation.

Best Buys

Given that they are the only brand selling portable solar power devices on the market, there is a surprisingly large range of Goal Zero power devices to meet your every need. The following is a small sample of what they offer:


The Nomad range is a remarkable innovation in portable solar technology. This device weighs less than a pound and can fold up to the size of a small book. Unfolded, it can generate enough energy in two hours to fully charge your smart phone or set of batteries in the same speed as you would with a wall adapter.

The flexible nature of the panels means that you could strap it to your backpack and let it collect energy as you walk. Expect to pay around $100 for this model.


The Escape series are large energy containers that you can charge through regular wall adapters or through separate solar panels. They are best used for emergency power situations and can store up to 150 watt hours worth of power.

The Escape devices will typically charge in six hours regardless of whether you plug it into a wall or if you use Goal Power solar panels. It comes ready to charge any device that you would plug into a wall socket, as well as USB and cigarette lighter items. You'll pay around $160 per device.

Extreme Goal Zero Power

The Extreme range is designed to meet your long-term energy needs. These are big bulky items, coming in at 26 pounds, but it can store 350 watt hours of power, which will charge a smart phone for over 300 hours.

The upper end of the range comes with built in solar panels, but the basic 350 model will cost you around $280 but you'll need to charge it yourself.

While Goal Power devices come in different ranges, each item will come with a number at the end (Nomad 7, Escape 150 etc). This will give you a quick guide as to how much energy it will store and how you might use it.

Most of the bulkier Goal Zero power devices require you to buy separate solar panels if you want to charge them up out in the wilderness. These will be essential if you plan on incorporating electronic devices into your survival plan, but you may need to rethink the location of your base camp to get the best of the sun.

Many people will be planning on camping out in the woods as a means of natural protection, but you'll need to either make or find a clearing that receives plenty of direct sunlight to make sure you get the most amount of charge out of your devices.

Also it’s worth noting you’ll also need to use this device as surreptitiously as possible, as they will be sought after by many others during a disaster.  

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