Gluten Free Foods List: Grains that Don't Contain Gluten


A gluten free foods list is a life saving essential when you are preparing for the apocalypse, as synthetics and mass produced foods free from these proteins are not an option during a disaster. Having a list of foods allows you to avoid those with gluten and if you are thorough in your preparations, you should have a list of natural foods that are good substitutes for gluten.

By making these preparations, you can avoid malnutrition, weakness, fatigue and other health problems that come from long term loss of nutrients.

Gluten Rich

When preparing for survival, you first have to know what can kill you or make you sick so that you can avoid these items. In the case of celiac disease, you need to avoid gluten, a specific protein combination found in the endosperm of wheat. These same proteins are also present in some other whole grains, though not in the endosperm.

If you or someone you know is sensitive to gluten or has an allergy to it, the other grains to avoid include barley, rye, bulgur, farro, kamut, spelt, and triticale, though doctors recommend also staying away from oats.

Should you lose your gluten free foods list, forget to pack it or if it becomes illegible, a general rule of thumb that may help is to simply avoid grains but you must be sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to maintain your dietary fiber, iron and vitamin B requirements.

Gluten Free Foods List


Since most whole grains have gluten, your selection of these heart healthy, fiber packed, iron rich foods includes a very small, though important variety. Your body needs carbohydrates for a lot of nutrients, healthy fats, energy and most importantly, to keep the acid-base balance responsible for your overall health.

For these reasons, your gluten free foods list should include the whole grains quinoa, amaranth and millet, and now is the time to find a store or website that sells seeds, stock up and learn to grow these types of produce.


If you are living amongst nature as your ancestors did, you need to be resourceful and find ways to obtain a variety of food sources. The best way to do this is to prepare before disaster strikes by growing your own produce so that you already have fresh supplies and you can obtain new seeds or bulbs and continue to grow and maintain a variety of crops.

You should have a garden with as large a variety as possible and know where and when to grow the different types of grains, fruits and vegetables.

When creating your garden, your gluten free foods list should be your guide, since you need to grow fruits and vegetables high in the nutrients you normally receive from whole grains. Leafy green vegetables are best, as they are a good source of iron, vitamin B9, also known as folate, and fiber, though you can also get the latter from corn and apples if you eat them with the skin.

Mangos, oranges, avocados and broccoli are also among the top sources for folate while sun dried fruits, such as coconut, tomatoes, apricots, currants and raisins are also rich in iron.

When the apocalypse happens, you do not know where you will be, who is going to be with you or who you may meet on your survival journey. If you have a gluten free foods list, you can increase your odds of living through this mess and help others along the way, as there may be new babies born with celiac disease and new parents who are without the knowledge to care for their sick child.

It is hard to know and prepare for everything but if you have basic information about common health conditions, you can help ensure the survival of the human race.

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