Gerber Survival Tools

Gerber survival tools have a long history of being the best and sturdiest tools on the market and their recent sponsorship of Bear Grylls has only increased this reputation. They are specifically designed and tested in a variety of outdoor survival environments and while they cost a little more than similar models from their competitors, you will be rest assured that you have a long-lasting piece of quality craftsmanship in your possession.

Big Tools

Gerber outdoor survival tools come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes. The bigger tools are designed to help you set up a permanent base camp with sustainable sources of food, water and fuel. The following are some of the more popular tool choices that will help you get a basic camp ready quickly:


The compact size of the spade belies an incredibly strong handle and shaft and a lifetime guarantee on the blade against rust and warping. Approval for use by NATO troops worldwide gives you a clue to its longevity and strength. It folds on a hinge halfway down the handle making it easy to transport.

Combo axe

This is the only design of its kind on the market currently and features a seven inch knife tucked inside haft of the axe. The axe can still be wielded if the knife has been removed and comes with a safety covering to protect it from rain and dirt. The handle of both the axe and the knife comes covered in textured rubber which gives you extra grip in even the wettest and coldest conditions.

Collapsible saw

You get two 12 inch serrated blades for your money with the collapsible saw and both of them fold into the central pillar leaving you with a foot long pole to stick in a bag. The two blades have different sized gaps between the teeth, with one a fine toothed blade for cutting bone and the other a more coarse width for cutting green wood. They can both be pulled at the same time which allows you to change jobs without having to get out a new saw.

The key features of all of these Gerber survival tools is that they are lightweight and foldable making them ideal to put in the bigger bug out bags to take with you. This will save you the worry of storing them off site where they become damaged or stolen.

Pocket Sized Tools

There are also a wide-range of smaller Gerber survival tools that are designed to fit into your pocket. The most common of these is the multi tool and you'll get a different set of tools depending on how much you're willing to spend.

The Ultimate multi tool, approved by Bear Grylls, comes with 12 different components ranging from a bottle opener, three different screwdriver heads to a saw and two different length knife blades. They all collapse into one central pillar and the whole lot weighs less than half a pound making it ideal for grabbing and going on explorations and perimeter checks.

The only downside of most of the Gerber survival tools is the cost in comparison to store brand items. It will be a good idea to sit down with your survival group and decide which tools you want to get ahead of time. Or which ones you will use often- and may require a Gerber brand tool for that particular job.

You can then delegate the cost and purchasing of the tools to different group members.

Just remember that when the time comes, you may not be able to get hold of new equipment easily so err on the side of buying now (or soon) if you're debating whether to get a particular tool or not.

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