Fuel Stabilizers

Fuel stabilizers are a mixture of chemicals made to keep certain types of petroleum-based fuels from breaking down over time. The most common fuels that are stabilized include heating fuel, gasoline, and diesel fuel. These are important fuels to have on hand during an apocalypse and having stabilizers readily available can help prolong the fuel life.

How it Works

Petroleum-based fuels are designed to be volatile and this volatility is what makes them burn efficiently. Over time, the chemicals begin to break down and the fuel becomes less volatile, making the fuel less efficient. As the fuel breaks down and gets older, it develops more impurities. These impurities can cause the fuel to take on water as well as clog filters and fuel lines, which can damage or even completely ruin your machine.

How to Use

Most fuel stabilizers have detailed instructions on how to use them in the most efficient and effective way possible and the process is fairly easy. Usually, all you have to do is mix the stabilizer liquid directly in with the fuel before storing it. You can store the fuel either in a vehicle or whatever needs fueling or in a storage container.

If you decide to use fuel stabilizers, keep in mind that while they can significantly extend fuel life, they do not last forever. Most stabilizers can prolong fuel life between 12 and 15 months. You will also need to add the product before the fuel goes bad. Stabilizers do not work on fuel that has already been contaminated or oxidized. While stabilizers may be able to slightly extend the life of old fuel, it cannot make old fuel new again. You should also make sure not to add more than the recommended amount as that will not extend the fuel life any more than normal and will only be a waste of stabilizer.

Stabilizers also have their own shelf life. If the bottle is unopened, it is good indefinitely but may be less effective if the color of the liquid is darker than normal. Once the bottle is open, it can last up to two years if stored in a cool, dry place with cap securely in place. If the stabilizer is not kept in these conditions, it may work but will not be as effective.


An important consideration when buying a stabilizer is what type of fuel you will be using. Different types of fuel require different types of fuel stabilizers, as each type has a specific mix of chemicals specifically designed to increase the life of that particular type of fuel. Every stabilizer you come across will provide a list of fuel types that work with the product. For example, you will need different stabilizers for diesel fuel and gasoline as those fuel types are of very different chemical compositions and require different chemicals to stay fresh.

Purchasing Tips

You can find stabilizers at a wide variety of places including:

  • Hardware stores
  • Auto parts stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Bike stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Discount stores

Stabilizers will usually be in hardware or auto parts areas of the store. You can also find stabilizers online with a simple search. Prices range from as low as $20 up to around $30 for a 32 ounce bottle. You can also buy in smaller quantities for a lower price.

Fuel stabilizers are combinations of chemicals in liquid form that help increase the life of your petroleum-based fuels for up to a year. They can prevent impurities and help your machines run faster and more smoothly. Stabilizers are easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. If you have plans to store and use any petroleum-based fuel when preparing for an apocalypse, it will absolutely be beneficial for you to use stabilizers to prolong your fuel life.

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