Freeze Dried Yogurt: Freeze Dried Snacks, Dairy and Desserts

Nutritionally speaking, freeze dried yogurt is one of the healthiest snacks you can have. Best of all, this is ideal for situations when fresh supplies of diary or other healthy food sources are difficult to come by. The method of preservation makes it possible to store this food type for a much longer time than you could regular diary products.

Since the process requires no high temperatures to remove the moisture content, there is much less damage to nutrients present in this milk-based food item. With this type of preservation method, the active cultures remain alive making this treat almost as nutritious and healthy as when fresh.

Recommended Sources

Finding freeze dried yogurt bites is easy as many stores now offer these delicious and nutritious snacks. The types available in online stores such as Emergency Essentials and The ReadyStore can last for years if you do not open the container.

Under the right conditions, you can keep them for up to thirty years. Many stores sell them in various sizes making it easy to buy what is convenient for your family or your own individual needs. These online stores sell different flavors such as strawberry, banana, blueberry and caramel.

The ReadyStore carries a wide selection of freeze dried yogurt such as Saratoga Farms ReadyPack which contains six #10 cans of varying flavors, namely, strawberry, cherry, vanilla and passionfruit. The price varies depending on size and quantity with the ReadyPack selling for under $250, while a single can comes in under $50.

Provident Pantry’s yogurt bites from Emergency Essentials also come in different quantities. Their variety combo pack contains four cans of tasty yogurt bites. Prices vary greatly depending on the flavors and number of cans per box.

Rehydrating Freeze Dried Yogurt

Making this snack ready for use is quick and easy, normally taking no more than five to ten minutes. Place it in water and let it stand until it is rehydrated. Place in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to get a cold snack if you do not want to have it straight from the can. On camping trips or under emergency conditions you can eat it from the tin as a snack.

Reasons to Store Yogurt

Of course, the most common reason for keeping this foodstuff on hand is as a snack for children and adults. However, it is just as great for adding to smoothies, trail mixes, cereals and over ice cream. If you like experimenting in the kitchen go ahead and try to come up with other ways to use this versatile snack.

Since kids and even babies can have this diary product, it is a good and versatile source of nutrients to keep in your food storage. For suppliers of these products, this is a major selling point, whether the buyers are survivalists or just regular homemakers interested in storing extra food.


Another reason for the popularity of this snack in any form is the presence of probiotics. This promotes the health of the digestive tract and helps to prevent a number of common ailments. These are important considerations especially when there is a problem with normal food supply and you want to ensure your family’s continued health.

Having yogurt in storage ensures a supply of nutritious food for yourself and your family during a food shortage. Even though these are ideal for storage in preparation for a disaster, they can also be a part of a normal shopping plan. Since the readymade ones can last for a long time without refrigeration stocking as many as you can makes sense.

In fact long-term storage food from the ReadyStore and Emergency Essentials can last for up to 25 to 30 years under the right conditions. Keeping these in a cool dry place with a constant temperature is the best way to maintain the quality of the products.

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