Freeze Dried Desserts: Ice Cream, Fruits and Raspberry Crumble - Yum!

The ReadyStore and Emergency Essentials offer freeze dried desserts to finish off a good meal. From freeze dried fruits to ice cream sandwiches, you can provide ready made dessert or prepare a dessert to add a sweet treat to your meals. Many desserts are dehydrated mixes for cookies, brownies and puddings but ice cream is a freeze-dried treat.

Ice Cream

NASA used freeze-dried ice cream to send into space with its astronauts. Space ice cream or astronaut ice cream was lighter than regular ice cream and required no refrigeration. It also has a long shelf life for any extended trips into space.

Freeze dried ice cream is different from what you pull out of your freezer. The biggest difference is that it is not cold and unlike most freeze dried food you do not add water to it. When you eat the freeze-dried ice cream, as you savor it in your mouth, it rehydrates filling your mouth with flavor. 

Freeze dried desserts, by themselves like ice cream, make things a little brighter in a different world. Costing about $20, Provident Pantry has freeze dried chocolate chocolate chip ice cream slices in a #10 can that holds 16 slices. Mountain House has a single serving Neapolitan ice cream slice and the ice cream sandwich, both in a pouch for under $3. 

Provident Pantry offers freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches that are the traditional vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers. Children and adults enjoy the sandwiches that are packed in a #10 can, which holds about 14 sandwiches and cost about $20. Overall, the reviews of the product are favorable with the only complaint that sometimes the sandwiches break into pieces.

The highly rated Saratoga Farms ice cream sandwiches come in a #10 can that holds 12 sandwiches. Ice cream is a popular choice in freeze dried desserts, and it certainly will bring a smile to the children, if not the adults, when you are in a survival situation.

Fruit Freeze Dried Desserts

Mountain House makes a favorably reviewed Raspberry Crumble, which is raspberry sauce covered with chocolate cookie crumbs. The #10 can sells for around $28, or you can buy it in the four serving pouch for about $7. If you want a lighter raspberry dessert, however, Saratoga Farms offers a #10 can of dehydrated raspberry gelatin dessert mix.

You can create hybrid freeze dried desserts by combining freeze dried fruit with dehydrated products. The fruits are great in pastries or used in bread mixes, gelatin or even eaten by themselves. Saratoga Farms offers #10 cans of freeze dried:

  • Strawberries 
  • Whole blueberries
  • Banana slices
  • Pineapple chunks
  • Marion blackberries
  • Peaches
  • Mango chunks
  • Whole raspberries
  • Oranges

Combining the cake like desserts with some of the freeze dried fruit makes some great treats. Many dehydrated products such as cookie and cheesecake mixes can be combined with the fruits. A strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler or apple crumble all add a crowning touch to a meal. 

Chocolate and Fruit

Some evidence suggests that dark chocolate may lower blood pressure and lower the risk of cancer. Dipping your freeze dried fruit in chocolate or even just eating them together might not only be a delicious dessert but you might be improving your health at the same time.

Freeze dried desserts, especially ice cream, offer a glimmer of normal to a survival scenario. Birthday and anniversary dates happen in catastrophic situations but a special treat or dessert can bring the fun and good times especially when living conditions are harsh. You don't have to wait for an emergency, however, you can carry the pouches in your backpack, with your camping provisions or even as a special treat just for fun.

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