Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer: Not Just for Storing and Preserving Food

If you need to preserve a variety of food items, the Foodsaver vacuum sealer is one product you might want to consider. It comes in a number of models, each varying in function, color, size and of course, price. The options available can meet anyone's food saving needs, as the manufacturer offers sealers for the huntsman, homemaker, lover of marinades, the master griller, and the penny saver. In just minutes, you can create perfectly stored food, free of air, bacteria and other contaminants while locking in the juices and flavor.

Get Your Game On 

Whether you love to hunt or just want a food preservation tool in the event of an emergency, the FoodSaver GameSaver for the outdoor enthusiast is exactly what you need. Featuring a strong carrying case, complete with handle, and a 15-foot, 12-volt adapter cord for power, this unit is ideal for sealing in the freshness of your game meat. 

To further ensure flavor, this easy-to-operate, big-buttoned Foodsaver repetitively seals the storage bag, thereby maximizing freshness, quality and natural juices. As an added bonus, this particular model is available as part of three different Foodsaver kits, each varying in price, contents and features.

Some of the benefits standard in this assortment of kits includes:

• a removable drip tray

• accessory hose port and storage

• built in cutter

• adjustable food and speed settings

• extra wide sealing strip

• a marinating canister

• portion pouches

• food storage bags and rolls

As if this is not enough, all of the components are easy to clean, and the FoodSaver comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Home Cooking

If you are smart enough to preserve your food, thus saving money and avoiding waste, then you want to use the Foodsaver in your home. Stainless steel, white and black varieties allow you to match your Food saver with the rest of your appliances while the user-friendly controls make operation simple enough for a child.  

Fitting snuggly on your counter, the homemaker model also consists of a retracting accessory hose and operates without the push of the button.

Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you may also opt for the upgraded version. The enhanced Foodsaver vacuum sealer consists of such features as:

• dual seal levels

• automatically adjusting vacuum speeds

• marinating mode 

• canister hook-up 

• heat seal bags

LED lights, roll storage, a bag opener, bags and moisture detection levels are some additional qualities you can find on the Foodsaver home edition. 

Gourmet Chef Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

If by chance you are still not satisfied, you can upgrade again to the Gourmet Chef model. This Foodsaver is a cook's delight, as its upright design frees up even more counter space. Additionally, this version also has the ability to seal your food without crushing it so your favorite dish items stay just as fresh as when you buy them. Plus, this vacuum sealer is even smart enough to detect liquid so that it can avoid spills, which saves you time and makes food storage mess free.    

The Foodsaver vacuum sealer is a product with years of quality service behind it and yet, it continues to improve in design and function. If you like to save money, maintain the freshness of your food, avoid freezer burned meats or simply increase the shelf life of your favorite dishes, then any one of the Foodsaver vacuum systems can help you achieve your goal. 

By investing in and learning to use this product, you also obtain the added benefit of knowing how to survive in the event of a life altering crisis, as the outdoor lovers model is sure to keep all your hunting victories game day fresh.

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