Food Storage Containers: Jars, Superpails, Gamma Lids and Lid Lifters

Emergency Essentials carries just about any type of food storage containers the do-it-yourselfer might want when you start putting up your own long-term storage food.


With containers like the Superpail and five-gallon bucket you can store a lot of food stuffs. You can either buy the buckets without lids, with snap-on lids, or with the screw-on gamma lids. You can also pick up the 4.25 gallon buckets with or without lids.

Seal the Deal with the Right Lid

Gamma Seal lids are the perfect way to seal your buckets of long-term storage food. The screw-top lids fit most storage buckets, including the 3.5 to 7-gallon buckets, turning them into airtight and leak proof containers. With the screw-on Gamma Seal lids you no longer have to struggle to pry off a snap on lid, while avoiding pinched fingers or broken nails.

Of course, you can also go with the less expensive snap-on lids and keep a lid lifter handy to avoid the struggles to open the buckets.

Bags in the Buckets

While many people just dump their dried staples, like beans and rice, directly into clean, dry buckets, others prefer to use metallized storage bags. These are the same bags Emergency Essentials uses as liners for their Provident Pantry Superpails of dried goods.

Along with the bags, you might want to use the oxygen absorbers as added insurance against any air being left in the sealed buckets.

Storage with a Snap!

Once you've opened that five-gallon bucket of rice or beans or flour, you'll want to transfer some into smaller containers for easy access. The important feature of the smaller storage containers is that they are easy to move or pick up, and that they keep their contents fresh.

Snapware® Airtight Containers come in a variety of sizes, each with the patented double sealing system guaranteed to keep short term storage foods fresh. The variety of sizes makes the containers ideal for rice, beans, flour, cereal, coffee and so much more.

If you don't want all your efforts to prepare long-term food storage to be wasted, then you need to make sure you use the best food storage containers. The ones we recommend here will not let you down.

Emergency Essentials Food Storage Containers Keep Your Stockpile Fresh

There’s more to being prepared for disaster than just stocking up on food and having a safe place to stay. Whether you’re preparing for an outage or disaster that lasts a few days or a few years, you need to know that the food you’re stockpiling now will be good when you need it.

You’re not going to just stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and throw them in the basement, of course, but did you know that some of your dry goods can go bad and rot if they’re not stored properly? You don’t want that unpleasant surprise if disaster strikes.

Emergency Essentials offers a variety of food storage containers to provide a solution for all of your food storage problems. If you’re storing dry goods, like grains, pasta, crackers, and dried fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to worry about them going bad if they’re properly sealed.

You might think, then, that you don’t have to worry about a container for them. You can just leave them in their packaging, and they’ll be there when you need them. Well, you might be wrong.

Whether you’re storing your food stock in the basement, attic, or in your pantry, there’s a chance that something could happen to compromise your food’s safety. You could get a vermin infestation.

Mice and rats love to chew through boxes and bags to get at dry goods. You might experience flooding; in which case, anything in cardboard would be ruined.

Emergency Essentials sells a sealable container for all of your food storage needs, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your stocks clean and unharmed. If disaster strikes, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether or not your food is still edible. Instead, seal it up now so that you know it will be there if you need it.

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