Folk Remedies: Natural Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments and Conditions

People have been using folk remedies for thousands of years to treat everything from the common cold to joint pain to heart disease. Your ancestors were not fortunate enough to have the luxuries modern medicine currently provides you with, which is why they probably turned to herbs like St. John's Wort and berries like black currant. Items found in nature were key to their survival and if you ever find yourself in a crisis, these natural remedies could help save your life and maintain your health.


If you are living outside due to a emergency event, one of the first health issues you may need to combat is allergies. Black currant is one of the best natural remedies to help treat this problem, as it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. You can choose to eat the berries but also make tea, of which you should have 3 to 4 cups a day, from the leaves, since this is the most potent part of the plant. Drying and crushing the leaves is also beneficial when making a wound dressing, as black currant also has skin healing properties.

Digestive Health

When living among nature, you do not have luxuries such as filtered water or a guarantee your meat is free from parasites or diseases. To help prevent or treat any digestive ailments, use Marigold flowers and steep in boiling water to create a tea. You can also choose to eat raw fennel, as this is another of the folk remedies that aid in digestion, as well as respiratory ailments and a runny nose.

Heart Conditions

If someone is having a heart attack, their chances of pulling through without modern medicine and equipment is slim but you can take preventive measures by consuming these remedies. By eating or drinking certain foods or herbs, such as St. John's Wort and Sea Buckthorn, on a regular basis, you can promote heart health and eliminate stressors. 

Buckthorn is literally good for treating and preventing all the major heart or blood vessel illnesses, such as cholesterol, atherosclerosis, thickening or clotting of the blood and poor circulation. However, buckthorn is not as easy to use as St. John's Wort, as you need to use the cold pressing technique and then dilute it with water. On the other hand, you can simply brew St. John's Wort and then drink half a cup three times a day.

Find Bees

One of the best survival natural remedies involves the use of bee products, as almost everything they make is anti bacterial. If you have a sore throat, stomachache, upper respiratory infection or possibly even allergies, eat some honey or put some in your tea and drink it. To keep wounds clean, remove germs from your body without using soap, which you actually can make if you want, and to light the way at night with homemade candles, use beeswax, a by-product with many benefits.

Drink Up Folk Remedies

Although getting drunk while trying to survive is not smart, the use of alcohol is among one of the most popular folk remedies. Like bee products, alcohol has many properties, such as killing internal bacteria, external fungal infections, wounds and it is a better option than filtered water. It is also a great way to clean your body, utensils and any medical tools, should you need to use them. 

Folk remedies may seem like myths or old wives' tales to some, especially when you consider the power of modern medicine. However, these remedies did not survive hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, because they are untrue. On the contrary, most of these remedies work and if you are trying to survive a crisis, the natural medicinal recipes of your predecessors are sure to keep you safe, healthy and most importantly, alive.

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