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If ever we as a global nation were to experience a time of despair, flu remedies may in fact be our only means of treating this sickness in the absence of medical care and today's common medications. The flu is a common sickness that many people experience yearly, and while no instant cure exists, today's medical knowledge and technology do help in relieving symptoms more quickly. If, in fact one day we are without these means – do not fear. Simple home remedies are effective when it comes to assuaging your symptoms and speeding along your recovery.

Easy Flu Remedies

In the event that medical care is not available, you will not have to be a health care professional in order to effectively utilize simple home flu remedies. Below you will find a short list of natural and herbal aids with a description of how to use them for the purpose of treating the flu. While some may be more potent than others, experts recommend that you try a few of them to find which options work best for your body.

Stay Hydrated

Unfortunately, when you come down with the flu, symptoms you may experience such as vomiting or diarrhea will likely leave you dehydrated – which makes it harder for your body to heal itself and will almost always make you feel worse. So, like your mom always said – drink a lot of fluids. Whether it’s just plain water, juice or even a tasty soup broth – keep the fluids a flowin’ to speed your recovery process. 


This powerful herb has been used for centuries as a helpful cure-all in the world of homeopathic medicines. Experts in the field recommend using Echinacea among your favorite flu remedies because it boosts the immune system in a dramatic way, helping the body to cure itself. If taken regularly, this magic herb helps protect the immune system from the attacks of common pathogens like the flu but will also help to restore the body's natural balance to push the virus out. Echinacea is easiest to use in liquid form as it can easily be incorporated into fluids and consumed. Alternative medicine experts recommend you experiment with the liquid herb to find a dosage that's most effective for you – for most adults the perfect dose is somewhere between 60 and 75 drops. 


This famous herb is most often used in the form of a tincture and works well for fighting off common ailments such as the flu and standard sinus infections. Elderberry is effective because it reduces fever, aids in purifying toxins from the blood and helps remove pathogens from the body more quickly. It is also extremely effective in preventing the reproduction of the virus, which shortens recovery time and prevents further symptoms. Elderberry is most commonly used in tea recipes either by steeping the plant with other herbs or by adding liquified Elderberry extract to your favorite tea.


A herbal wonder that was originally used by Native Americans to alleviate the aches, pains and infections that accompany broken bones.  Boneset is one of the easiest flu remedies to incorporate into your DIY healing plan. It's ability to break high fevers and dry out virus ridden mucous from the body make it a must have when you are self treating influenza. Considered a 'super herb' by most homeopathic enthusiasts, Boneset contains more than 20 essential nutrients that alleviate sickness and promote immune health including calcium, iron and vitamin C. Similarly to other herbal remedies, Boneset is most commonly used in liquid form – either by ingesting a few drops directly or infusing it into a warm beverage, such as tea.

Additional Remedies

Numerous other natural botanical plants and herbs are sometimes effective as flu remedies. These power plants include but are not limited to:

  • Honey -  helps boost the immune system and soothes sore throat.
  • Garlic -  an anti-microbial that kills the flu virus.
  • Peppermint Oil - soothes sore throat and uses menthol to relieve congestion.
  • Eucalyptus – works as a powerful decongestant.
  • Ginger -  calms upset stomach and promotes sweating.

In a time when technology and medical care may not be available, it is important to know that we have simple and natural flu remedies that we can use and rely on to help bring balance back to our bodies and restore us to a pleasant state of homeostasis. The flu is something we all have to deal with at one point or another however, making use of these powerful plants will help you quickly alleviate symptoms and get you feeling better in no time.

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