Field Surgical Kit

Owning a field surgical kit in a survival situation could mean the difference between life and death for people in your party. It is amazing how much medical expertise we take for granted such as a quick trip to the doctors if we feel unwell or a trip to the emergency room if we have seriously hurt ourselves. However, this may not, and probably will not, be an option in an apocalyptic situation, so you may find that you need to perform simple surgical procedures out in the field.

Key Features and Components

A big difference exists between a field surgical kit and a general emergency first aid kit. The main difference is the inclusion of surgical tools and sterilizing fluid as well as being a lot more bulky. It’s not something that you’ll be able to put in your bug out bag and you’ll need to store it somewhere safe and accessible in whatever location you plan on setting up permanent camp.

When you are looking at your options for a field surgical kit, you should look for one that has the following features:

  • Sterilizing fluid – One of the biggest problems facing you, if you try to perform surgery out in the wild is the high chance of infection. This can come from exposure to dirt and airborne particles but most cases come from unclean equipment. A field kit should come with a mixture of sterilizing wipes and fluid. The fluid should come in a bottle with a childproof cap, as it is clear and could be mistaken for water.
  • Needle and surgical thread – Only in the most dire situations, should you consider performing an operation, which requires you to sew pieces of flesh together. If you have no other option, cotton thread is not strong enough so you will need a surgical kit that includes surgical thread, which is much stronger and tougher. You will also need to make sure that the needles are fit for surgical purposes.
  • A range of surgical tools – The size of field kit you buy will dictate the range of tools that are included. If you want to play safe, or like to be prepared for the worst possible scenario, then you should look for ones that have at least four scalpels, a hemostat to stop blood loss, scissors and tweezers to help you clean out the wound, cut away infection and repair the cuts.

Top Brands

Fortunately, a few brands offer the kind of field surgical kit that you will need for long-term survival and these include:

  • Adventure Medical Kits – AMK has been a leader in emergency first aid supplies for the last twenty years and their surgical kits are no exception. All of their kits come with their Quick Clot bandages, which stop most bleeding in minutes along with a large supply of tools and sterilizing equipment. They come in at a minimum of $60 but are well worth the investment.
  • Elite – A much smaller version than their competitors, the Elite range is designed to be pocket sized and a basic starter pack rather than a full set. The surgical implement kit costs around $30 and holds one of each key component. You could use it as a travel pack allowing you to leave the bigger bag at base.
  • Army Surplus – Buying a surgical kit from Army Surplus ensures the highest possible quality of army grade supplies. Their standard pack is very comprehensive and comes with all the basic requirements as well as a pack of syringes pre filled with anesthetics and a flashlight to allow you to work at any time. Expect to pay between $25 and $60 depending on size.

Finally, make sure that your field surgical kit comes in a waterproof bag as any exposure to the elements will cause it to become a haven for bacteria and disease.

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