Family Preparedness
for All Family Members to Survive Most Disasters

The purpose of a family preparedness plan is to help you survive different types of emergencies or catastrophic events. Even though it is very difficult to predict natural or man made disasters you can prepare for the possibilities by studying your environment. Knowing the possible dangers you face will help you and your family adopt a plan that is best suited for such emergencies.



Where you live greatly determines the kinds of disasters you will likely face. Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are common to certain geographic locations. Although occasional anomaly does occur, the vast majority take place in the same areas and each disaster requires a different set of plans. You also have to identify potential man made disasters as part of your family preparedness plan.

If you live near a chemical, nuclear and manufacturing plant as well as warehousing facilities you have to plan for emergencies which may include one of these facilities as the cause of the disaster. Other emergencies can include an economic collapse, technological emergency due to solar flares or a terrorist attack with conventional, biological or nuclear weapons.

Family Preparedness Plan

Your preparedness plan has to take into account everyone in the family and the needs they have. Children, the elderly, disabled members of the family and pets require special attention to ensure they are safe during these emergencies. In your planning stages, you have to adopt a plan taking into account schools, work place, health care facilities and animal services.

  • Find out the emergency plans schools, day care or other facilities use in which your family members spend time.
  • Make arrangements for special needs members of your family: special transportation, medication or equipment.
  • Create a communication plan to contact everyone in the family immediately following an emergency and designate an out of town family contact if a power or telecommunication failure lasts for an extended period.
  • If you have pets and no one is at home during the emergency include your neighbors as part of your plan.

Disasters do not always take place when everyone is at home for this reason you have to have a plan that brings together all family members as soon as possible. After everyone is in one location, you can follow up with the rest of your plan.

Survival Supplies

Designed to help you with basic needs when a disaster strikes, survival supplies are a very important part of a family preparedness plan. The unpredictable nature of disasters makes it difficult to stock your survival kit accurately with everything you will need because an emergency can drag for a long time.

Your home should contain enough supplies to maintain you and your family for a minimum of two weeks. This includes supplies for everyone including infants, the elderly, the disabled and pets. Have survival kits in your vehicle and place of work to help you until you get to your home or a secure location.

Training and Education

As part of your plan, you have to train and educate your family with emergency procedures, survival techniques, and self-defense. The plan you adopt should be practiced several times a year until it becomes routine. Test the basic component of your plan including:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Replacing stored food, water, medication and other supplies regularly
  • Taking CPR courses and practicing it
  • Taking self defense and weapons training for the whole family

The training and education you get will help you cope with the stress of disasters. The psychological effects of disasters are compounded when you do not have a family preparedness plan. Training is one way you and your family can stay strong during and after a disaster.

Even the Government says to be ready

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