52 Must-Have Emergency Kit Supplies

Even if a major disaster seems unlikely, you should have a variety of emergency kit supplies. The size of these kits and the items in them will vary depending on the size of your household. If there are people with certain needs or health conditions, the kits may have additional items.

What Should be in Your Emergency Kit

Everyone should have some standard emergency kit supplies in a go-to-bag in the event of a disaster.  Among these are basic first aid and medical items, although some emergency kits will have first aid items as well as other necessities. First aid supplies should include burn creams, over-the-counter painkillers, bandages, gauze and tapes, scissors, tweezers, cold packs and antiseptic wipes.

5 Person Deluxe Survival Kit

For most people, the following 52 items below are important items in their emergency kit supplies.

  1. Lightsticks
  2. Heavy-duty garbage bags
  3. Water purifier and or water purification tablets
  4. Water: At least one gallon per person
  5. Emergency survival energy tabs
  6. Honey
  7. Upholstery needle and threads: Necessary for repairing sleeping bags or tents
  8. Sewing kits
  9. Paracord
  10. Toilet wipes/clothes - washable
  11. Aluminum foil - one or two sheets folded compactly
  12. Menstrual cups and reusable menstrual pads: Younger females will find that it is easy to run out of regular sanitary pads and tampons, so having reusable items is a necessity
  13. Rubber bands
  14. Duct tape
  15. Pencil
  16. Cotton balls - soaked in petroleum jelly and stored in a tin
  17. Shovel - folding type
  18. Knives - a straight blade and folding blade
  19. One tin plate/bowl one set of eating tools per person
  20. Manual can opener
  21. Salt
  22. Toothbrush
  23. Liquid soap: This is not just for bathing, but also for washing utensils and clothes
  24. Blanket
  25. Towel
  26. Sleeping bag: Suitable even in cold weather, especially if you live in an area where the temperatures can become freezing.
  27. Cooler
  28. Gloves
  29. Flashlight
  30. Batteries rechargeable with solar battery charger
  31. Candle
  32. Tools such as a hammer, screwdriver and handsaw, etc.
  33. Portable stove
  34. Stove fuel
  35. Solar charger
  36. Whistle
  37. Prescription medications (if needed)
  38. Extra clothing; Include extra socks and sweaters if you live in an area where it gets very cold
  39. Rain gear
  40. Snow gear (if needed)
  41. Extra cash, especially in small notes such as fives and ones as well as plenty of coins
  42. Vital documents: Keep copies of personal items such as birth certificates in waterproof sleeves, etc.
  43. Two-way radio
  44. AM/FM/Weather/Shortwave receiver radio
  45. Games for children (if needed)
  46. Extra pair of reading glasses
  47. Dust masks
  48. List of emergency contacts: This should include telephone numbers for doctors and relatives
  49. Pet supplies: This is especially important if you have to leave home with your pets (ie: guard dog to keep you safe)
  50. Maps (inc. map of the local area)
  51. How to Guides: Depending on the quality of supplies, some things may eventually run out.  How-to-guides can provide useful information on surviving without some items
  52. Bible or other inspirational/comforting reads (inc. childrens books to keep them occupied too)

Some of the items above may seem excessive, but you will not be taking all of them with you. In most cases, they will come in handy if you are unable to leave home for an extended period. Depending on your lifestyle, the emergency kit supplies will also include items such as rifles, handguns and bullets, traps to catch animals for food and survival garden seeds.

A medical first aid kit, should of course be top of your list, plus sweets and energy bars can also provide a treat when you need a lift in morale during a taxing day.

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