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Emergency Essentials Food Storage plans and products are a combination of the best quality and lowest prices on the market today. They offer breakfast and dinner entrees, snacks, desserts, and cooking basics, all for sale individually or at price-saving packages.

Freeze-Dried Foods

Emergency Essentials offers a variety of freeze-dried foods from both Provident Pantry and Mountain House in single-serving pouches, as well as #10 and the smaller pantry-sized cans.

Meat and Eggs

Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of freeze-dried meats and eggs. These are delicious and make a great addition to any recipe you might want to create.

Beans and Legumes

The Emergency Essentials collection of beans and legumes includes both #10 cans and Superpail™. You can purchase them individually or as part of a Year Supply of Grains and Legumes.

Fruits and Vegetables

I love looking in my pantry and seeing #10 cans of Emergency Essentials freeze dried fruits and vegetables. The selection is amazing, while the flavor and texture is so yummy.

Desserts & Drinks

Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of desserts and drinks, available in #10 and the smaller 2.5 oz pantry cans. With delicious desserts like Raspberry Crumble and Freeze Dried Ice Cream, as well as Brownie and pudding mixes, you will discover the delight of freeze dried treats. Of course, these treats will be even better when washed down with comforting hot cocoa or creamy milk.

Emergency Essentials Food Storage in Bulk

Of course, all of the items above are included in the many one-year collections of freeze-dried and dehydrated long-term storage food offered by Emergency Essentials. Many prefer to buy a complete one year supply; and add additional tasty treats, plus it’s cheaper to do so.

Emergency Essentials Food Storage Is There When You Need It

Whether you’re concerned for a coming economic breakdown, a catastrophic attack, or a weather disaster, you’ll want to be prepared.

Something as routine as a winter storm could close the streets down around your home for days. Without proper food and water storage, this could turn into a serious emergency in short order. Emergency Essentials has a variety of solutions for your food storage needs.

Some foods are obvious choices for emergency food storage. These are foods that don’t perish quickly and can be stored for months or years without going bad; foods like grains, rice, pasta, beans, legumes, and canned foods.

Emergency Essentials sells these, but they also sell other foods that can be kept for long periods of time that you might not have thought of already.

You can choose from dehydrated fruits and vegetables, as well as “just add water” foods, including different stews and soups, as well as full meals like chicken and rice or turkey tetrazzini. Their products range over a wide menu, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Emergency Essentials also sells a variety of food storage containers, including re-sealable buckets and pouches that can keep food sealed and away from vermin until you need it.

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