DIY Home Security Systems Includes Both High Tech and Primitive Elements

You have a wide variety of DIY home security systems and safeguards whether you are protecting your home from opportunist criminals or fending off the attack of desperate people who want your supplies. In either instance, the protected home that is difficult to access will deter most intruders unless it is the only option left to attack.

Simple Precautions

Criminals often case their potential victims so you can make it difficult for them to observe your home. Use black out shades or curtains or drapes that you cannot see through so no one can see what you have or even the layout of your house. You can use the thorny rosebushes or shrubbery for your yard, so you do not provide nice leafy bushes where criminals can hide while studying your house.

Post NRA stickers and even if you do not have a dog, leave a water bowl or beware of dog sign. Criminals will choose the easy target and if you leave the impression that they may face firearms or guard dogs, they will move on to an easier victim.

Do-it-yourself home security systems begin with simple methods of securing your home to discourage criminals as they are looking for the easy target. Don't forget to fortify your doors that should be solid with a strong doorframe.

DIY Home Security Systems Might Include


Besides monitoring the property, cameras can provide proof and identify the person or persons who have stolen from you. It also allows you to see who is at your door or gate without having to open the door and a closed door serves as a barrier to someone you don't want to enter your house. DIY home security systems using cameras for home surveillance requires technical skills.


You should change the locks every five years or so as locks are mechanical devices that wear out and, most importantly, be sure to use your locks and lock your windows and doors. The best kind of door lock is the dead lock above the door as well as the knob lock. The deadlock with the bolt that goes into the doorframe is the most difficult to remove.

A criminal who is intent on coming in your home in all likelihood will get into it, no matter what DIY home security systems you have in place. If it is difficult to gain entry into your home, however, you have time to get out, to hide or hopefully to arm and protect yourself.


With the criminal looking for an easy mark, a barking dog is a deterrent and some alarms sound like barking dogs. If you choose to have a guard dog, understand not all are kid friendly, but breeds such as Doberman Pincers, Bull Mastiffs and German Shepherds are all protective breeds that generally are loyal and protective of all family members. 

In a non-catastrophic time, legal actions for dog bites can be quite costly. It is important that if you choose to have a guard dog that you choose the dog wisely and be prepared to spend the time and resources to train it properly.

Trenches and Pits

DIY home security systems, when the society as we know it has broken down or no longer exists, require serious preparations. Trenches or pits filled with caltrops, devices that always has at least one spike sticking upward, are low tech and effective ways to thwart would be intruders. You must be sure that your family and members of your group know where the trenches, pits and caltrops are, so they are not injured or killed.


Shotguns are the most common and versatile firearms, which can provide protection as well as a means to hunt. Again, it is important to teach everyone who has access to the weapons, gun safety and to teach respect for the power of a weapon. Preparing your family now for the possibility of a lawless society, allows them to protect themselves before a catastrophic event.

DIY home security systems do not have to be top of the line or complicated. It is important that all people who are involved within the secure area know the security systems. As always, being prepared for the greater catastrophe, will prepare you for the single incidents, which can happen at any time.

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