Dehydrated Green Peppers: Using and Cooking with Dried Green Peppers

Besides the ease of storage of dehydrated green peppers for an emergency, the convenience of having a readily available supply of diced peppers is hard to beat. You can quickly grab a handful of peppers for whatever you are cooking without the added cleaning and preparation time. You, also, no longer have the worry of using fresh peppers before they go bad.

The color that green pepper adds to recipes is one of the reasons that cooks use it, but it does more than make your dinner appealing. You also are providing a solid source of vitamin C, smaller amounts of Vitamins A and B-6 and trace amounts of calcium and iron.


You can find commercially prepared dehydrated green peppers, however, you will find a greater selection of freeze-dried peppers. With a cost about 68 cents per ounce of dehydrated pepper compared to as much as $2.32 per ounce for freeze-dried, many preppers interested in commercial products will go for the dehydrated. You need not worry about quality as reviewers rate highly the dehydrated peppers for flavor, quality and especially convenience.

Provident Pantry offers a 21 ounce #10 can of dehydrated diced green peppers with a shelf life of about 20 years. The ReadyStore carries Saratoga Farms Dehydrated Green and Red Bell Peppers in a #10 can, which has a shelf life of 20 years. Reviewers rank both products highly and claim that the cost of the can just over $17 is a great value compared to the time and effort involved in dehydrating peppers at home.


You can reconstitute dehydrated peppers under an hour in order to use in your flavorful recipes. The peppers tend to be mushy, so most people would prefer to add them to a recipe rather than eat them alone. The peppers make up for the mushiness in flavor, as you need fewer peppers in your recipes because of the concentration of flavor.

Meals Using Dehydrated Green Peppers

You can use your dehydrated green peppers for breakfast, as simply adding green pepper to eggs changes plain scrambled eggs to a tastier, colorful meal. You can make a pepper egg sandwich with egg white powder or whole egg powder from Provident Pantry.  You can go a step further and make a vegetable egg wrap using freeze dried and dehydrated veggies and then wrapping in flour tortillas, available from Emergency Essentials at

Dinner and lunch ideas for your peppers include meatloaf, taco fillings and tomato sauce. Virtually any recipe in which you use fresh green peppers, you can substitute dehydrated green peppers. offers recipes that use all their products, and the recipes show that you can enjoy tasty food even when you are in survival mode. If the fresh ingredients are available, you can substitute the fresh ingredients or use a combination of fresh and preserved foods.


It is important to start cooking with your dried, dehydrated and freeze dried foods now, while you have access to supplies. When an emergency happens or a catastrophic event occurs, you have many stressful conditions over which you have no control. Something as simple as being comfortable cooking and serving your stored provisions, reduces the stress of the overall situation.

If you have children, practicing and experimenting with your meals is especially important before the cataclysmic event occurs. You remove the added stress of forcing them to eat new foods while they deal with a strange new world. You also stand to waste less of your precious supplies to a cooking accident that might make your meal inedible.

Good nutrition is essential for survival in any situation and combining good nutrition with great tasting food is the recipe for thriving in emergency and non-emergency situations. Adding dehydrated green peppers to your recipes is one step towards a better quality of life for you and those dependent on you.

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