Couponing for Survival: Extreme Couponing Sales Equals Stockpiling

Couponing for Survival - what to do.

In preparation for unexpected disasters, survivalists save money by Couponing, or using coupons when purchasing basic survival foods such as flour, sugar and salt. Not only can you find coupons in newspapers, grocery store flyers and magazines, but also on the Internet, where many home pages of food manufacturing companies provide coupon savings for customers.

In addition, independent coupon sites allow people to download and print coupons for everything from shampoo to pet food. Some of these coupon websites include,, and

Be aware that some of these coupon sites require you to download software in order to print out coupons successfully. While the sites listed above are legitimate, some of these coupon sites are merely fronts for individuals or companies wanting to access your computer's information. Spyware or viruses harmful to operating systems could infect your computer if the site is not legitimate.

Essential Survival Foods and Supplies

When couponing for survival foods and other supplies, specifically look for coupons reducing the cost of purchasing the following items:

  • Powdered milk
  • Canned meats, vegetables and fruit
  • Rice
  • Peanut butter
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dried soup packets
  • Beans
  • Instant mashed potatoes
  • Condiments
  • Hygiene items such as shampoo, bar soap and toothpaste
  • Cleaning items such as bleach, Lysol and dish soap
  • Medical supplies such as Band-Aids, antibacterial ointment and ibuprofen tablets

Tips for Couponing for Survival

The money saved from using coupons can be increased with these simple strategies:

  • Try combining mail-in rebates with coupons and save even more on supplies.
  • Larger grocery stores are usually cheaper than smaller ones due to the volume of goods sent to larger shopping centers.
  • Check the back and front of grocery store flyers, as most of the time you will find the best sales advertised on these pages.
  • "Stackable" coupons are desirable because they can be used together with a store's coupon.
  • Understand that something described as "on sale" will not necessarily save you a substantial amount of cents. Check the before and after price before simply grabbing something "on sale."
  • Keep track of coupons that will expire soon by placing these in a separate envelope.
  • Be prepared to devote at least several hours each week to combing newspapers, store flyers and the Internet when couponing for survival.
  • Compare your local store prices with each other so you do not miss the best deals.
  • Saving on survival items does not mean you have to shop at brick and mortar grocery stores or drugstores. When you have coupons for stores such as Target or CVS pharmacy, shop online to save on gas and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Do not forget dollar stores as they accept coupons as well.

Coupon Clipping Services

Coupon clipping services actually "clip" coupons that you request so that you receive five, six or even ten of the same coupon. For example, if you want five coupons for $2 off a tube of toothpaste, employing a coupon clipping service means you won't be spending time obtaining several Sunday newspapers and cutting this coupon from coupon booklets. Instead, you pay a coupon clipping service a nominal fee for them to mail the coupons to you. In addition to saving money on purchasing newspapers, you will not have to deplete your printer cartridges printing hundreds of Internet coupons.

Coupon clipping services are organized by region so choose one that is closest to you to receive your coupons as quickly as possible. Some of these services include The Coupon Master, My Coupon Hunter, West Coast Coupon Clipping and Coupon Carry-Out.

Preparing for a disaster by couponing for survival is a great money-saving method that keeps your pantry or survival retreat well stocked and ready to provide you and your family with life essentials without straining your finances.

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