Concealed Carry Holsters - Handgun Holsters for Carrying Concealed

There are numerous types of handgun holsters, and the concealed carry holsters are designed for special placement and the needs of the wearer. Not only do they have to be functional, they have to be able to be worn without giving away their presence.

Concealment is Key

Concealed carry holsters have to serve two purposes. They have to be functional and able to remain out of sight without giving away their position.

Part of the issue when carrying a concealed weapon is the placement.
If you don’t put your holster in the right spot it will be noticed no matter what you do.

Leather Concealed Carry Holsters

Leather holsters make the perfect concealed holster. A good leather holster molds to your body making its presence there much more comfortable. For that reason it’s important to always carry it in the same spot and position. The more the holster adapts to your shape the harder it will be for a trained eye to pick it out.

The other reason leather makes such good holsters is that they conform to your gun making a better fit and easier to draw in a hurry. The longer you wear the holster the more comfortable it is and pretty soon even you forget it’s there.

The Lost Gun

You may have seen the video on YouTube some years ago when an undercover police officer was fired on by an assailant in a surprise attack. If it wasn’t such a serious problem it would have been comical.

The officer reached for his hip but the gun wasn’t there. Next he went for the small of his back and came up empty handed. While being shot at he went through this whole routine looking for his service weapon before he finally found it. His attacker shot at him 9 times, but fortunately was a terrible shot and missed every time. The officer had the bad habit of wearing his concealed weapon in different places on his body and that was almost his last mistake.

In a self-defense situation you don’t have time to wonder where your gun is. It has to be an automatic reaction to reach and draw. The only way for it to be automatic is to wear your weapon in the same place all the time, and to practice drawing from that same place. The officer was extremely fortunate that his mistake did not cost him his life.

Things to Consider

If you choose to carry a concealed firearm, you will have to deal with some issues. The climate you live in may dictate the materials you choose. Certain materials breathe better in the heat.

Many people like the IWB (inside the waist band) concealed carry holsters that have a sweat resistant shield that fits between your body and your gun. The sheer weight of the gun can be an issue for some folks and many people complain of back pain when carrying all day long.

Good comfortable lightweight concealed carry holsters that stays in one place is best for carrying a loaded gun for long periods of time. A holster that does not stay put and shifts around can be a problem because it will require you constantly adjusting it to get a comfortable fit and that can be a dead giveaway that you’re carrying heat.

The Final Word on Comfort

To be able to successfully carry a concealed weapon you have to be comfortable. Your concealed carry holsters should protect your skin from parts of the gun like safeties, the hammer, semi-auto slides, cold metal or rough leather. A good holster will distribute the weight of the gun evenly and not pull down your pants if carried on a belt. An uncomfortable holster will be a dead giveaway when you move it around trying to get comfortable and that defeats the purpose of the concealed carry.

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