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They may not be for everyone, but cloth toilet wipes are worth considering in some situations. Statistically, the average person uses about 21,000 sheets of toilet paper annually; in Europe, the figures show that approximately 60 million rolls per year is the average. 

In fact, many believe that more than $5 billion dollars per year is what Americans pay for toilet paper. These products have two basic uses, one for number two, defecation, and the other for number one, urination. Some of us may consider the thought of these items substituting for toilet paper cringe worthy, but some people love their cloth toilet wipes.

Why Cloth Toilet Wipes

When it comes to protecting the environment and saving trees, this is one way to go. Toilet paper fills landfills and can clog drains and sewer lines, plus the paper comes from trees even if it is recycled. This desire to help take care of the earth is one of the main reasons why some people are turning to these products. Plus, in a disaster where regular toilet paper or some other suitable alternative is in short supply, cloth toilet wipes may be the best option.

Where to Get Toilet Cloths

Instead of buying the readymade ones, some people make their own, experimenting with different fabrics until they find the ones they like. When making your own, it is easier to determine the size you are comfortable using. This also helps to save money, which is another good reason to try these instead of using toilet paper, especially the extra soft types. 

Anyone who uses cloth diapers for babies will already have some idea of how messy these can be when dealing with number two. This experience will also mean that you know exactly what to do when storing and washing them. In fact, the process is similar to washing cloth diapers except you are dealing with your own feces if you used them for that purpose.

Some people are allergic to toilet paper and using reusable wipes is the best solution for them. Using fabric that is not color treated and made from soft cotton, fleece or satiny material is both comfortable and less irritating. This is great for people who may suffer from hemorrhoids and find toilet paper a bit uncomfortable. 

The main problem some people have with these personal products is the matter of storing and washing wipes after using them. One of the biggest disadvantages to using these toiletry items is that they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

The second is the odor that can result from storing them before washing, especially those used for cleaning up after defecating. The first solution if storage is necessary is to keep them in a special container or bag for just this purpose. It is best to rinse the wipes out before storing to minimize odor and to make them easier to wash. 

When storing them in a pail, using a solution of vinegar and water also works well. Many people consider pre-rinsing in a warm water and baking soda solution helpful. After washing them, make sure to also clean the storage container using some warm water and vinegar or other solutions that kill odor and bacteria.

To get rid of urine scent in cloth toilet wipes always place baking soda in the wash water. This will help to freshen them and make them nice smelling. It is best not to use fragrances such as fabric softeners on such personal items as some people will develop an allergic reaction. In general, you can toss them into the washing machine with a regular load after pre-rinsing. One word of caution is to avoid putting certain items in the load such as cloth baby diapers or towels.

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