Cloth Diapers
Reuseable Diapers Better for Long Term Survival

A number of reasons exist as to why cloth diapers are a good choice as opposed to disposable ones. Few things are more disturbing than walking down one urban street and finding a poorly wrapped soiled disposable diaper lying in the gutter or on the sidewalk. Aside from the obvious aesthetics, diapers made from cloth are just better for the environment. 

In a survival situation, you’re not going to want to carry massive bags of disposable diapers for your kids; you just cannot do it. On the other hand, keeping a few in your Bug Out Bag is feasible.

The Environmental Impact

According to a recent study, 80 percent of all diapers used in the US are disposable diapers. That equates to about 18 billion disposable diapers a year in just the United States. To make all these diapers it takes tons of plastic and hundreds of thousands of trees. Our landfills are full of these plastic packages of excrement that will be around for hundreds of years. The idea of a disposable diaper is just an idea; a very bad one. Disposable diapers are the largest waste item behind drink containers and newspapers. That alone is enough of a reason to consider cloth diapers. 

Cloth Diapers Better for Your Baby

Reuseable diapers are not what they used to be. Years ago they were ill fitting sheets of cloth that had to be pinned and covered with plastic pants in order to be effective. Today’s diapers are made from advanced materials with elastic and Velcro straps so that they are shaped and fitted to cling to your baby and give him the protection he needs. These new diapers are also water proof and hypoallergenic. Today’s cloth type diapers come in a variety of colors and cute designs 

Top Choices

A number of different kinds of cloth diapers are available, with some of the most popular brands and styles being:

  • Bummis Swimmi Diapers: Bummis Swimmi makes beautifully designed waterproof diapers made from polyester mesh for easy cleaning up afterwards. Using hook and loop closures ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The stretchy lycra bindings protect your baby’s skin. These diapers are perfect for the pool during the summer months.
  • Fuzzibunz is a basic rear opening pocket diaper made from an ultra-soft fiber called Minky. Fuzzibunz diapers also come with a lifetime warranty on the snaps and your online order ships with extra elastic straps that you can easily switch out at home without the need for sewing. They also number their holes so it is easier for parents new to these kinds of diapers. 
  • Babykicks is a new pocket one size pocket diaper. This diaper is designed to look much like a trim pair of underwear rather than a traditional bulky diaper. Rather than snaps, the Babykicks diaper uses Velcro straps. The insert is made from one part hemp/cotton blend and microfiber and slides in the pocket opening from the front of the diaper. The fabric is extremely soft and the insert is two-sided. 

The Choice is Yours

The case for cloth diapers is an easy one to make. If you believe we are headed for some type of economic collapse you really do not have any other choice. There is just no way you can store enough disposable diapers in your house or survival shelter. You cannot fill up your bug out bag with disposable ones either, it’s just not feasible.

If you do not espouse the pending economic disaster, disposable diapers are just downright bad for the environment. We don’t need any more of these diapers cluttering up our streets and alleyways and filling up our landfills. Make the environmentally sound choice.

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