Chemical Warfare Suits

Chemical warfare suits are an important item to add to your list of apocalpse survival gear. A survival situation can arise from the most unexpected of events and in these tumultuous times, it is best to prepare for anything and everything. You can create the ultimate stockpile and have every survival tool imaginable but if you do not have a chemical suit to protect yourself, all your time, money, work and planning may be for nothing.


In the event of chemical warfare, you either need a well-sealed, airtight, underground bunker or a military grade suit to protect you from the toxins floating in the air. The design of these suits is specific to preventing hazardous chemicals from coming into contact with your skin and airways, though you may have to purchase the mask, as well as the gloves, hood and boots, separately.

In order to keep you safe, the suit's design consists of specific materials that are tough enough to withstand chemicals and light enough that you do not overheat, though you are definitely going to sweat, as the suits are quite heavy. At a weight of eleven pounds, the chemical warfare suits are not easy to wear for long periods of time, especially when carrying other supplies. For this reason, you should use suspenders to hold the pants up and to help distribute the weight more evenly.


Chemical warfare suits are only good to wear for 24 hours if you come into contact with toxins, after which time you must burn the suit to prevent further contamination. If you find yourself in this situation, you had better have more suits, unless you want to risk your health, possibly your life, by staying in the same suit.

A chemical suit, with no mask, hood, gloves or boots, costs roughly $50, which is an affordable price, unless you need a year's supply for you and your family. This is definitely a high cost and unless you make a ton of money, you need to save up or buy these over time.

As an alternative, you can buy one, try to figure out the materials used to make the suit, buy the fabrics and sew a bunch yourself, as this may reduce the cost per suit by at least 50 percent, especially if you can get wholesale prices. Additionally, you need to be a bit of a scientist because these suits are not like regular clothes; they consist of materials like coal to give them their strength and protective properties.

In the event you do not come into contact with chemicals but have concerns because a chemical attack occurred, you could wear the suit for 30 days. However, the suit must still be in its original packaging, as it is no longer good after you open it because pollutants in the air can contaminate it, while temperature extremes may cause it to fall apart, should you have it just lying around for years. If you already made the mistake of opening your chemical warfare suits, the good news is you can still use them for hunting because they are scent proof, thus the animals cannot smell your presence.

Chemical warfare suits are not a cheap investment but in the event of a cataclysmic disaster, you have to ask yourself, what is your life worth to you. If you cannot put a dollar value on it, and you should not be able to, then the decision to stock up on these suits is a simple one. So now, the only question is whether or not you have everything else you need to cheat death and survive doomsday.

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