Camping Water Filtration
Small Portable Water Filtering Device

If you would like to avoid toting around containers of water, a camping water filtration system will help you save time and money almost instantly. Purchasing a small portable water filtering device will not only prevent you from having to purchase expensive store-bought and purified water to take camping – it will also prevent you from having to carry it around which leaves more room for your gear.

Camping Water Filtration

When most people select a location for their camping trip, they tend to select places that are near a body of water – such as a lake or river. These bodies of water can actually be hugely beneficial to you during your trip because, with the proper equipment, natural waters can easily become tasty purified drinking water.

Choosing to filter and use already existing sources of water while you are camping, or in a bug out situation, will not only save you the effort of having to bring your own supply of water with you – it will also instantly save you the money you would spend buying it. 

In order to transform natural water into drinking water you will first need to purchase some sort of camping water filtration system. These easy to use devices can be purchased in a number of places and come in a wide array of styles and price ranges making them more accessible to you.

If you are not familiar with the different types of portable water filtration systems, below you will find a description of a few of our favorite 'camping friendly' water filters. Choose the machine that will be easiest for you and your family to use that also creates the amount of water you will need.

Katadyn Expedition Water Filter

If you are camping with a large group and expect that you will need large volumes of drinkable water, the Katadyn Expedition Water Filter just might be the perfect system for you. Available through the Be Prepared website for roughly $1,500, this top quality water filter can put out two liters of water in 30 seconds.

You will need to have your own containers at the ready to hold the filtered water. The filters in this gadget will filter up to 26,000 liters before they require replacing – making this purchase definitely worth your dollar.

In addition to occasional camping trips, this easy to use filtration system can be used at home in the event of a water emergency or anywhere else that a clean source of drinking water is unavailable.

Katadyn Drip Gravidyn

Available for purchase through The Ready Store website, the Katadyn Drip Gravidyn is a gravity filter that produces four liters per hour. The system is equipped with a large holding tank so that you can store water for later use once filtered. During the filtering process, the system also infuses that water with carbon to help further clean the water and to improve the taste. This particular setup costs right at $300 and weighs around six pounds – so it is both affordable and portable.

Big Berkey Water Purification System

Consisting of a two-part stainless steel tank, the Big Berkey Water Purification System contains several  gravity filters that clean your water and remove cysts, bacteria and viruses – making it perfect for camping water filtration. The tank itself only weighs 6.2 pounds; however, the machine is capable of producing up to seven gallons of water per hour.

Perfect for families or groups, this filtration system will serve four to sixteen people and even has a pouring faucet for convenience. The Big Berkey Water Purification System is available online at The Ready Store and will cost you around $260.

Utilizing various methods of camping water filtration  is an excellent way to help keep costs down on your family camping trips while also making the best use of the resources that are already available to you. Filters such as the ones listed above can transform water from just about any reasonable source and produce pure, clean and drinkable water. Choose the filtration system that will work best for your family. 

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