Build a Rabbit Cage: Constructing Rabbit Hutches and Housing for Healthy Rabbits

So many ways to build a rabbit cage exist, that your toughest challenge will not be the actual building itself, but sifting through the internet and the hundred other methods and styles of cages being built to choose from. Even though there are only two basic types of materials used (wire or wood), there are still dozens upon dozens of styles and sizes to choose from.

First things First


The first thing you will want to do to build a rabbit cage is to determine how big of a cage you would like to build, and whether you prefer wood, wire, or a combination of both. Once you have figured that out, you will be ready to pick from a number of credible cage building instructions available on the internet. According to the Rabbit Society, your cage should be about 4 times the size of your rabbit(s). Armed with that knowledge you will be able to find a set of instructions that will enable you to build the right size of cage for your needs.

On your Mark, Get Set, Build a Rabbit Cage

Here are the instructions for building a super simple 2’ x 4’ rabbit cage that is 3 feet high. 

1. Your first step of course is to determine the size of cage you need. Having done that you are now ready to build a rabbit cage.

2. This cage method consists of using office storage grids made from coated heavy duty wire 12 to 14 inches long. For office use you buy them and snap them together to form stacking organization cubes. For your cage here you will need 36 of these wire grids. They usually come in packages of 15 to 30 grids and can make most any shape you need.


3. Next go to a sign shop and have them cut a custom sheet of coroplast which will make up the bottom of your cage. For this size cage you will need a piece that is 2’ by 4’ in length.

4. Put your coroplast sheet on the floor where you will be building your cage.

5. Make 2 long cage walls by putting together the grids with cable ties. A cage 4 grids long will need 2 walls made up from 12 grids joined together with 4 in each row.

6. Now build the two short cage walls. A cage that is 2 grids deep will need 2 walls that are made up of six grids joined together with two in each row.

You have just built the easiest rabbit cage available and it’s pretty inexpensive too.

Protecting Your Rabbits

If you are going to build a rabbit cage out of doors, you will need to protect them from the weather and predators. You will also need to protect them from diseases. Wire floors are good here because it’s easier to keep the cage clean.

Any exposed wood needs to be covered with wire to prevent them from chewing it. Rabbit cages made with wood frames and wire sides and top are good for keeping other wildlife out.

The safer your rabbits are the calmer they will be and if you are breeding rabbits, anxious ones do not function well, and neither do cold ones. Give them plenty of nesting materials like cardboard, hay, or wood shavings. Newspapers do not hold in the warmth as well and should not be used.


Building a Wooden Hutch

If you are handy with a saw and have some woodworking knowledge you may want to forego the easy wire cage and go with wood. If you build a rabbit cage from wood you have just created a much warmer environment for your outdoor rabbits; no more wind whistling through your wire cages.

Sturdier wooden cages are much more effective in keeping out predators. Even with a wooden cage, you still need a wire floor to keep the cage clean and disease free. Also urine will soak into a wood floor making it stink constantly.

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