Bianchi Holsters

The variety of Bianchi holsters available is sure to offer something for everyone and the fact that they offer accessory holders that attach to your body makes them even more convenient, user friendly and adds a lot more protection. You can choose from any of the multiple styles, such as ankle holsters, those worn on your hip or from upper body vests, to suit your needs. The prices and designs for each pistol holder also vary, so you really can select the item that is best for you and the other adult members of your family.

The Hip Holster

The hip holster is of course the most common and traditional type of gun carrier and Bianchi makes a wide variety of them, including sizes made to fit your Glock, Colt or 9mm. This basic style clings to your waist band via a heavy duty clip made of steel but can also fit on your belt, provided it is not wider than an inch and three quarters. 

To prevent the holder from coming loose, these Bianchi holsters feature an exterior lined in suede, which is slip resistant but they are also friendly to your body, as the back of the holster is high enough to protect your skin from rubbing against the hard surface of the gun. Additionally, this holster keeps your gun at the perfect angle in the event you need to take a shot as soon as you draw your piece.

Over the Shoulder

It may just be your personal preference or it could be that a hip holster is not right for your current situation, in which case, you may want to keep your gun in one of the over the shoulder Bianchi holsters. These gun holsters can accommodate you whether you are right handed or left and are adjustable for chest sizes as large as 48 inches.

They come lined with soft leather, a material that offers strength and durability but also prevents rubbing and irritation against the skin. For added protection and safety, this type of holster also features a dual spring closure, providing stability for your gun and ensuring its security in the holder and to your body.

Wrap Around

If you feel that carrying more than one gun could be beneficial or believe it is best to have a concealed weapon, then you might prefer an ankle holster over any other to secure your firearm. These types of Bianchi holsters are on the cheaper side but still maintain the same high quality as the other holders made by this manufacturer.

Features included in the Bianchi ankle holster include a removable cushion so you can easily clean and air out the material protecting your skin and a tight, adjustable strap that easily contours to the shape of your ankle, keeping the gun secure in its holster while preventing blisters and chaffing around your leg.

This holster also comes with an elastic strap that holds the gun securely in place but also releases quickly, providing you with easy access to your firearm. It is also flexible in that it can hold a variety of guns, including several guns by Beretta, Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, and H and K. 

In addition to all of these accommodating, convenient, and affordable Bianchi holsters, you can also purchase the matching accessories, such as bullet holders, a mag pouch, gun tie down’s or gun harnesses. All of these pieces can assist you during times of survival, making it easier to protect yourself and your family so that you can live a little more comfortably during questionable and dangerous times, should they ever arise.

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