Best Water Filtration System

It’s important you have access to the best water filtration system on the market if you are facing impending disaster; it will give you peace of mind. It’s inconvenient to try to stock and carry the amount of bottled water that will allow you and your family to survive for long periods of time. While it’s important to stock already pure water, you need to be able to purify water you find on the go. Water filtration pails or buckets are a great way to purify larger quantities of contaminated water.

Why the Bucket or Pail Filtration System?


For long-term survival you will need more water than you can store and you will need something that can purify large amounts of water. The best water filtration system pails and buckets use gravity and multiple layers of screens to filter out and purify larger amounts of water; up to 5,000 gallons when you use a five gallon bucket.

When you need to filter heavily contaminated water, like sewage water, you may find your filter systems in the smaller pitchers or bottles, completely destroyed. The pail systems are equipped to filter out heavy contaminates.

Best Filtration Systems

There are quite a few water filtration pails on the market today. Here’s a look at some of the best water filtration system pails on the market.

  • AquaPail 400: Using a small one and a quarter gallon bucket, this little pail is able to purify a lot of water; 400 gallons to be exact. That’s enough drinking water for one person for more than a year, and it only takes five minutes to treat one gallon of contaminated water.
  • Camper 1000: Another AquaPail product whose name says it all. This one’s small enough you can just stow it in the trunk of your car. If you have to leave fast or are caught away from home in the event of a disaster, you will have a way to get clean drinking water. The Camper 1000 uses a one and a quarter gallon pail, same as the 400.
  • Sawyer Emergency Water Filtration System: Here’s a water filtration pail that has a "faucet attached to it that will give you a flow of one liter per minute of purified water by using gravity alone". If connected to a faucet the Sawyer system filters hundreds of gallons a day and comes with an astounding guarantee of a million gallons. The filter here will filter out particles down to one micron in size.
  • Villager 5000: Made by AquaPail, this 5 gallon pail or bucket will safely purify up to 5000 gallons of water. You’ll have a gallon in 5 minutes, then have a steady flow of filtered water. The Villager will remove heavy metals, toxins, radiation, as well as killing viral and microbial pathogens. It does such a thorough job you cannot even detect anything when finished. The bucket is small enough that it is portable. This is the best water filtration system pail for keeping in the trunk of your car in case of an emergency.

A Complete Economic Collapse?

No one really knows if we are going to experience a complete economic collapse and even if that never happens, there is still the possibility of natural disasters than can dry up the water supply. Our water systems are also vulnerable to terrorist attack so it’s a good idea to be prepared. When it comes to water that is fairly easy. The best water filtration system pails are portable and will keep you and your family supplied with potable drinking water for long periods of time. You can easily store a 5 gallon bucket in the trunk of most cars and that will give you the ability to filter 5000 gallons of water.

These systems can be used in the home if you believe your local water supply to be compromised, and you need to know “for sure” your drinking water is of the highest quality it can be. You don’t need a disaster to strike to benefit from pure water in your house.

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