Best Survival Kits: Back Pack Kits, Office and 72-Hour Survival Kits

In terms of being prepared for crisis, the best survival kits are the ones that can easily keep you and your loved ones alive regardless of the catastrophe at hand.

Unfortunately, with the average American’s lifestyle being so busy, they may not have the time to actively prepare their family for emergency  situations and in fact, may not know how to gather and store for one at all. If your family remains unprepared and you are worried about what might happen, pre-prepped survival kits may be the best option.

What’s in the Best Survival Kits?

The contents of survival kits will vary from person to person dependent on the situations you are trying to prepare for as well as the needs of your individual family members. The best survival kits will include ample amounts of food, a method for acquiring water and enough emergency equipment such as first aid items, flash lights and protection equipment to sustain you and help you survive until circumstances return to normal.

Where Can I Purchase One?

While hundreds of retail stores and websites offer prepackaged survival kits you want to be sure that the one you purchase will not only have a lasting shelf life but will also contain mostly everything you need to keep your family alive and comfortable for a base period of time.

If you seek a reputable source to purchase from which to purchase your survival kits from, the 1800Prepare website has everything you need to prepare for various types of crisis. Whether you need a basic one person kit or enough supplies to care for a group this is definitely a resource to consider. Below you will find a description of just a few of their many kit options to help you get an idea of what you may need.

Types of Kits

Back Pack Kits

While simple in nature, the back packs are one of the best survival kits  offered by the 1800Prepare site that provides that specific customer with the basic essentials that they will need to survive and provide for themselves in the event that they are displaced from shelter and forced to fend for themselves.

Including water filtration equipment, first aid equipment, basic tools and a means of creating shelter – these lightweight back packs are both affordable and useful. Back pack survival kits come equipped to care for one or two people with prices ranging anywhere from $59 to $200 depending on the amount of materials the kit contains.

Long Term Food Storage Kits

In the event that you are displaced for more than a day because of a crisis, long term food storage kits are the best way to ensure that you and your party have the supplies you need to keep yourselves fed and healthy in the event that other food and water sources are no longer available.

While these kits also contain the basic tools, shelter and first aid equipment – they contain much more non-perishable food. Kits can contain supplies for one to two people for up to 14 days. The number of kits you buy will depend on the number of people you expect to have with you. Prices for food kits range from $100-$200 depending on size.

Office Survival Kits

This world is very unpredictable and it is entirely possible that a life threatening emergency or crisis could happen while you are at the office – so it is important that your facility maintain supplies to maintain its employees in the event this is to happen.

Office survival kits – while not as inclusive as other types of kits contain enough supplies to maintain comfort and calm for anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. The best survival kits can service up to ten people.

No matter what type of crisis or catastrophe comes up – it always pays to be prepared. In many situations it could mean the difference between life and death for your family. Some of the best survival kits are prepackaged and can easily be found online through sites like 1800prepare – with hundreds of different options in size and price, these kits are easily affordable on any kind of budget.

The best kit is the one that best suits your area and your own needs – so you should already know what type of natural disasters are likely to occur in your hometown.  Also include treats and travel games to lift spirits and morale.

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